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What's happening to the WordPress I know?

  1. Seems like the Stats got a lingering problem.
    And my blog got this Adult Rating...
    So I have protested about the situation at Support.

    It's getting pretty strange. is not sex site, is not majored in violence scene, and we're not bad people, in fact we are educational, just like your local newspaper. In fact, we don't even cover bloody American recent shootings or those sperm-dripping rapists who killed what 6 girls. And what's the big problem even if we blog about those juicy news or happenings or stories? So many news reporting what mistress is doing what, what those docs are raping the patients... and look at this blog of mine... Nothing big deal.

    WordPress has been quite reasonable, I have gone for a month for vacation, are they still on revamp or what?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Could you please post this in every single forum, not only here but all over the web? Because I don't think we get enough opportunities to tell you to contact staff, who are the only people who can answer these questions.

    Of course, if you just want to bitch, you have a blog for that. Presumably.

  3. Rain,

    Just why can't I bring the discussion to be bitched in WordPress forum as a chat in Off-topic?

    You are here to fight a case, or just to fight?

    I presume this is forum for WordPress users? Isn't this an issue with WordPress user?
    So? What are you bitching about?

    Why should I bitch at every other forum? Care to enlighten me?

  4. Because eventually it will dawn on you that you're acting like a baby and should deal with staff, because anyone who had a modicum of sympathy for you has long since lost it for your continued whining in places that can't possibly do a damn thing about it.

  5. Rain, it's not sympathy I am asking for. This issue doesn't need sympathy, this is a professional issue, there is nothing to whine about. See?

    We have been on good terms since ever I have known you, unless I am wrong.

    I have refered the support simply to the other thread I have started on this, and I have been filling up the thread with points and openly inviting anyone who have a case against my blog to raise.

    This is not an old issue. In fact, I have argued plainly before on such 'mature rating' issue for blogs in general. This is a perfect WordPress community issue, and pardon me, I suspect Google and such to be the adverse party in this because the way they see things sometimes can be really shocking.

    This is a forum, I am NOT asking for sympathy. As I have set things pretty straight, I'm putting this issue for the community here to talk about, to think over, and hope for a better experience with WordPress. It's all constructive.

    I have the thread in Support for those staffs, and I'd like to have one here so that people can casually 'fight' and cat-claws or, hopefully, reason things out.

    Rain, do I have your understanding, and maintain our friendship in this?

  6. pornstarbabylon

    I always thought the off topic forum was for things like this. Most of what's on this forum should be on our blogs but people bring them here.

  7. Pornstar,

    Well, we have to accomodate to this world's various thinking people... It's obvious Rain's not as friendly as I'd like her to be. Something is wrong with this gal. I mean, mine is obviously a WordPress community issue that should be engaged within this community, and she's being sarcastic and said I don't 'bitch' in other forums?

    I mean, what OTHER forums does she have in mind for this WordPress concern?

    Something's wrong with Rain, as it's something's wrong with whoever in WordPress is giving my site the Mature Rating. If we don't discuss this issue here in the forum of WordPress, how would (eg) you come to my blog to engage on this issue as a community?

    If it's the case something is indeed wrong, then all those materials I have provided will certainly be ignored. I am not new to ratings, which is actually why if you really have anything to rate on my blog, you must better do it beyond 'feeling'.

    Else, I question and doubt and contest your standards... which is your judgement hence management shall not be trusted.

    Good day to you, Pornstar. Long time no see.

  8. Now even IP2Map service results changed. Something is indeed very wrong. The tons of IPs to my blog reporting 11/12 now slashed down to last that 20% of the list, when before, it's a whole list down the end of the listing.


    It's like a concerted freak show. LOL~

    Very fishy. Which is, obviously, even the rating itself is a big giveaway. Even by western standard, is at most a PG-13 not a mature. No reply yet from Support.

  9. Of those missing IPs... IPs Beijing is one of them. So that gives the game away. Play play play...

  10. maybe the fact that right in your banner you basically tell people to make a difference or rot in hell had something to do with it. just a thought.

  11. I highly doubt it had something to do with his blog subtitle, in other news, just found out wordpress has a subscribe by email widget. The wordpress I knew would never add such a widget.

    I think your issue could be solved by simply contacting and waiting for wordpress to respond. I'm not in the forum as much but I really don't think wordpress has changed in any way a negative direction.

  12. Hi Cheering4u and Aw1923,

    It can't be the banner things. Don't worry.

    I have detected anormalies elsewhere as well with regards to the blog. I mean, can you believe it? A whole list featuring about 100 or what IPs for a date was suddenly shortened to a few IPs for another service for the same date after I mentioned the discrepency here based on that service used?

    Of course, I can only suspect. I just got the reply from Support:

    <i>If you would like to have your blog reviewed again, please contact [email redacted]. Technical support cannot assist in such matters.


    So I have to cut and paste the matter thus far to [email redacted]

    BTW, what's wrong with 'a subscribe by email widget'?

    So anyone think my blog is where you stay for the 'Mature' stuffs... which logically would be why the blog'd be rated Mature... and not PG-13?

    Thanks folks!


  13. I have no clue if it's mature because I can't read it. But something in there has to be violating WP TOS, I wouldn't think they would just single YOU out if your blog didn't violate those terms in some way.

  14. Hi Bats0711,

    No no no, Mark suggested to me that I, in some way that I am not aware of, wanted the label. Perhaps I or other people using this computer accidentally hit something, or whatever...

    I consider this as a misunderstanding in WordPress. But other 'phenomena' elsewhere would be... still considered mysteries.

    Of what I know, WordPress' no other host tyrannies. They'd even confront challenges from governments on their own values of freedom of speech, so I was pretty agitated when I have been sticking to the rules and got the label, and without consulting.

    But this episode is still important because if you have a rating issue, it can still be resolved.

    More blog won't exceed the boundaries of normal Newspapers and Teens' magazines, Bats0711. If something's wrong on rating, I'd know it.

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