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What's happening with 'top posts' widget?

  1. My 'top posts' widget in the sidebar is listing images from the media library as my 'top posts', instead of listing the most popular posts. I have no control over this widget apart from the number of top posts it lists. Any clues?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm also having problems with my 'top posts' widget. It has places where no post is listed, titles of posts that don't exist on my blog, and some past posts that are not the top posts of my blog stats.

  3. Me too. It was working fine until a few hours ago, now it is only listing 7 alleged top posts, excluding the actual top posts....

  4. Well, as it's about 3.45 am in the US, I guess we'll have to wait a while for this glitch to be fixed. It's 1.45pm over here in Australia. Btw, the recession is pretty mild in Oz compared to other parts of the world. Our Govt is even handing out cash to citizens!

  5. Something's going on as mine is showing posts that are really old and a page that isn't even published. I just sent in a support ticket and linked this thread.

  6. I know a lot of the guys from WordPress are in Iraq this week, so it may be awhile before the problem is fixed if their staff is diminished.

  7. I decided to remove the top posts widget for the meantime. Hope they fix the problem soon!

  8. happyvalleynews

    Same problem here, links to images and unpublished posts. I'm removing the widget for now.

  9. Seems to be fixed now.

  10. This is related to the stats updates that we are working on at the moment. This particular issue with the Top Posts widget should be fixed now, but you may see some other fluctuations in widgets that rely on stats over the next few days.

  11. top post also gone since yesterday.

    anything what I can do ?


  12. Mine are also gone since yesterday. Are you guys still working on this?


  13. My Top Posts is totally blank (save for the text "none") today - so I assume this is not resolved, or it has broken again.


  14. Yes, the top post widget simply says "none". I saw it elsewhere, too.

  15. @designsimply -- Thanks for the heads-up. My Top Posts current says "None" but I understand from what you're saying that this is to be expected. Request: Could you post here when the stats updates are complete, so we know when to start worrying again? :-)

  16. niscalextricclub

    Yeah same problem, mine just says that it has none, weird!
    Thanks to WordPress this is a brillant site but can you worn us before this happens so that we can remove the widget?
    Thanks :)

  17. My site shows the same problem with the Top Posts widget, giving "none." (


  18. The "Top posts" widget has just come back to life again on one of my blogs.

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