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What's the best screen recorder for youtube?

  1. Hi!

    Which screen recorder is best for YouTube? I am DYING to upload videos!

  2. Uploading videos? You can try here

  3. He or she wants to know how to record videos of thing happening on their computer screen.,

  4. Why, wouldn't that be illegal in your country?

  5. Why, wouldn't that be illegal in your country?

    what, spying on yourself?

    this does the whole process through java, supposedly:

  6. Not at all. Recording. Anything. Anywhere. Without the permission of Bill Gates and Jack Valenti.

  7. which 1 do pinkmafias and all the other guys use?

    sorry no time!

  8. also please post whether you have 2 register+pay or not!

  9. @penguinmaster8000
    Providing you with the link was more than enough.
    You'll have to do your own research and find the answers to your own questions. Adults here do not do the bidding of kids.

  10. I'm not ageist. I don't do the bidding of anyone.

    If you have videos and you want to put them on YouTube, you just upload them. You don't need anything else. You said uploading them was what you wanted to do, so go to it.

  11. well i know of two. one of them i use. The problem with these though is that you get an annoying message on your videos. but they are free (even though you can get the message to disappear by paying 33 bucks) but use or

  12. glassfusingmadeeasy

    I use comes with windows. It has great transactional affects, and you can add music. Once you make your movie, then you just upload it to YouTube.

  13. @panguinmaster, if you want to record youtube video on your screen, you could try i dunno if it's best......

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