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what's the best theme in your opinion?

  1. I wasn't sure what you meant in 6 so that's why I added 9 and cross-referenced to it. Apparently, we are on the same wave length as 500 pixels is sufficient for my needs too, so a fixed width column that is no less than that is fine with me too. :)

    11. search boxes with "auto-fill"

  2. I currently on Contempt. Here is the evolution:
    Default -> Contempt -> Regulus -> Hemingway white -> White As Milk -> Default with custom header -> Contempt with custom header.

    I hope I am going to stop here ;-).

    (I really loved Regulus when I was using it, except for the fact that the html links do not appear so very different from the rest of the text, and the dotted underline is sometimes too discreet to be noticed.)

  3. britgirl: now that you mentioned it, the text can be awfully faint, as well as the links in posts.

    but it still beats the rest of the themes available. i also don't particularly like the fact that it strips text tags like size or font. it's harder to express the magnitude of my emotions without being able to manipulate the size.

    regulus seems to be the winner by a mile if you look at the replies in this thread, followed by default (i'd put contempt together with default because they're very similar except that contempt allows customised image headers).

    haha, would anyone tell me then what's the worst theme available in maybe if thr's a lot of ppl complaining abt one particular theme we could convince the wp team to give it the boot from theme selection. =P

    here's the link to reply:

  4. I'm hoping we aren't aking our eyes off the ball. sunburntkamel started a list of the basic non-negotiable theme requirements that have nothing to do with aesthetics and I added to it. Now it seems we can add another two points from britgirl and sulz and a "lefty" from me.

    Regardless of the theme in question, aside from the subjective 'not-being-ugly' the non-negotiable features are:

    1. widgets (duh)
    2. next/prev post links
    3. sidebar in single post view
    4. commentable page template
    5. custom header image
    6. 'wide enough' content column (to accomodate images of 500 pixel widths)
    7. bullet for lists
    8. fat footers with widgets
    9. a special widget for the most popular posts or at the very least an icon
    10. search boxes with "auto fill"
    11. the capacity to change font sizes
    12. attention getting dark coloured or highlighted links that do not fade into the background
    13. sidebars that can be moved either to the left or right (everyone is not right handed)

  5. sulz - You're right - I also don't like the fact that I can't manipulate the font sizes and that the links can be very faint. For me though this template still beats the others by miles. If it had the improvements mentioned it's be even cooler.

  6. TT - what about the number of posts in a category on the same line?? Even if this a quirk of a template it we should have this... I don't turn mine on because I dislike how it appears right now. It would be veryn useful for visitors.

  7. drmike I think their is a linkage between this thread and this one
    and visa versa.

    Maybe they should be brought together.

  8. Can't do that on this software.

  9. *whistle* that's too bad because the point britgirl has raised is one I've asked for in the other thread. It's also too bad because the list you made on the other thread ought to be incorporated into the one above.

    14. category and sub-category names and the numbers of posts in them all depicted on the same line with the category or sub-category name.

    15. drmike's requests made in the thread noted above

  10. 16. an option to not send pingbacks to your own blog
    17. make the number of recent comments in the widget user-configurable

  11. We do need to be tal;king about themes though in this thread. The other stuff needs to be in the other thread. :)

  12. Timethief: Love what you said about warm colors! I just came over to WordPress and it was the first thing I noticed about the themes. It's funny to scroll thru the page -- all you see is blue, green and black. And blue. There are two red/pink themes, but they both feature flowers and butterflies! You couldn't find more stereotypically girly themes! Funniest of all is the description for "Fresh Bananas," which says it has "bright blues and reds." Meanwhile it uses the coolest red possible. It's like a bruise red.

    It's almost as if the themes were chosen by a small group of people who all shared the same tastes...and perhaps possessed some misapprehensions about the female gender...hmmm...

  13. Like drmike, I got a problem with all of them, really. The Default theme is good enough, even without a custom image. Benevolence, Dusk and White As Milk are the next best, but nowhere near Kubrick. Regulus looks a bit ugly to me.

  14. None are fantastic, but (at the moment) my favourite is Ambiru.

    Reasons for Ambiru:
    No frills
    Good looking

    Reasons against Ambiru:
    That bloody bit at the bottom of the page with the categories and archives.

    Plus, it's one of the lesser used themes so it's not going to look the same as lots of other blogs.

  15. with the recent influx of new themes, i think it's safe to say regulus is no longer the best theme. for me, i like pressrow very much because of the clean look, the large customised header and font.

  16. Sandbox might be the best: unpinched - but only in blue for us cheapos. Rubric is the next widest; simply; clear; with nuetral white and grey; with your choice of warm feminine post title colours. You could even put pictures of flowers or vaginas or whatever in the header. I put flowers in mine - very discrete male flowers. A wider header for more icing would be nice.

  17. I like the clean look of Cutline. Pressrow is OK, except for the font size, color and line-spacing of the side-bar titles, which make it look somewhat sloppy.

    I still like Kubrick, though I am afraid to admit it for fear of incurring wank's wrath ;).

  18. I just love Cutline its so easy to work with. I actually made my own theme based on it. check out

  19. wow, i like the look of your blog, very refreshing.

  20. With this FREE wordpress, K2 is the ultimate THEME for wordpress. It looks refined and I like the trackback links, it lined up at the bottom part of the comments. I would hope it's a 3 column theme and Monthly Archives should work on a page.

  21. I have used many themes and for a long time I was a Regulus fan regardless of which new theme I tried out.
    As time went by I tried both Cutline and Pressrow because I liked the amount to whitespace in the layout. I did not like the amount of space given over to the "jump to comments" on Pressrow. It interfered with the images that I wished to have at the beginning of my posts.
    Then one day at an internet cafe I checked out what our wordpress blogs looked like without signing in to wordpress. It was certainly a revelation to be able to see what the blog themes looked like with advertising embedded in them. I was surprised to see that the apparent reason so much white space had been provided in Cutline and Pressrow was for advertising.
    After that I also switched over to K2 Lite. It's a clean theme and I like the idea of a 3 column K2. Like knoizki I also would like to see an archives page that displays excerpts and of equal importance to me is that a contact page be included in the template.

  22. I really should see what the blog looks like with the advertising.

    I'm a fan of Sandbox with CSS upgrade. :)

  23. *lol* Of course you are and I'm sure the cat's a fan too. ;)

  24. @d6rth7ader
    Why is it that you are advertising your blog which is not a wordpress blog (says Mark) here? I think you are lost and actually should be over here

  25. personally, my favorite is probaly regulus as well. it is very custumizable and stuff. blix is also good, since the teal and tan theme look nice. reloadable lite though looks decent as well.But almost any theme with a custom image header is great. themes without one make the blog seem like its someone elses, not your own

  26. ChaoticSoal. I like classic black.

    Ya can also change the color of Garland to black, isn't it¿
    Yes, I can. However, it's not the black I prefer (at this moment, anyway. I've different choices time to time.) Garland's black is more like a "modern" black with 3D colors.

    Hope that makes some sense.

  27. thistimethisspace

    Here's another thread from 2006 prior to our having an off-topic forum. I would suggest it's either a candidate for "closure" or that you might consider moving it to the off-topic forum.

  28. MY GOD, BD113! Not only are you being redundant in other threads, but you dredge up a year old thread! Chill already. You don't get points for replying to anything, you know.

  29. kubricklovers, i m sorry, i made a mistake. i hope i m not too late to correct it, though.

    the correct size is 760*200.

    sorry again!

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