What's the best way to create a landing page?

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    Hello community,

    I need to develop a site for two restaurants (lets call HD & LV) that are owned by one company (lets call NSS). What I am looking for and need is a theme that has a basic landing page (with a ghosted background or similar) that links to both restaurants.

    Ultimately, the links would send the visitor nss.com/hd and nss.com/lv.

    Is this possible to achieve through any preset themes? I have my reasons for what I’d like to do this (different menus, hours of operation, etc) or would I have to send the outgoing link (nss.com) to two separate links (lv.com & hd.com).

    Please advise. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is northshorefinefoods.wordpress.com.


    Are you talking about hosting everything here on wordpress.com?

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