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    Hi Folks

    Its just taken me several hours to work out that you can’t get plugins for .com so I’m wondering whether there is a way to create a decent events page with a half decent layout. I run a music club so I want to have a long scrolling page of every date booked at the club with a photo, biog and link of the performer if that makes sense.

    I’ll say from the outset I’m pretty hopeless with codes and stuff!


    The blog I need help with is seendacoustic.wordpress.com.


    It would probably be best to use an HTML table for that.

    If you happen to be on Windows, then the WLW blog client will create tables and will even post directly to your blog. The only thing I’m not sure of is whether they ever added support for pages. I know they do posts, but not sure on pages.



    Windows Live Writer will support Pages – BUT – it is a bit hidden – not sure if it is a config. issue but I had to click on the drop-down on the top left side and then mouse over the “New Post” to see that “New Page” was also an option.


    Good to know.



    Well, actually i’d suggest you choose a theme that displays full posts in category pages and supports custom menus, then make each event a blog Post, just like usual, only be sure to use the category Events and then put the link to the category page in your custom menu.

    That will make it the best in terms of SEO. people DO google for events. And they will all be in one place; they will just ALSO be in the main blog.


    That’s actually a good suggestion raincoaster since search engines pretty much ignore tables and with a post, all the information for that event would be in one div instead of spread out in different cells in the table.



    I’ve been doing this for five years, and the blog about my events now outranks the website of the place that hosts the event on searches for the restaurant’s name.



    Oh yeah, and they paid five grand for that website, too.


    Crikey, I’m even more confused now. I’m wondering if I’m better off getting a domain and loading wordpress to get the plugins as there are plugins that do exactly what I want them to.

    I’m not too keen on having the events as a blog, I’d rather keep that separate, my club is often filled close to capacity anyhow so the site is just to keep my regulars informed rather than attract a mass of hits through Google.

    I’d be quite happy if the page was in the same looking style as the main page but in order of the event dates not the posting dates, if that makes sense!

    Sorry, not got a clue what Live Writer is, I’m a bit of a lost cause aren’t I?



    Oh, thanks by the way, how impolite of me not to say that straight away after you spent your time replying!



    Windows Live Writer is a program you can use on your Windoz PC to compose your blog and then upload a Post or Page – lets you work offline – many people like to write offline and then upload the Post when they are ready to Post (I do most of my work offline now – I find it easier )

    If you think you are confused now, self host with WordPress.ORG and sort through the 10,000 Plug-in’s.

    If your club is full and you just want to keep folks that already know where you are then by all means put your events on a page and do a Post for things that have happened. You can also do your events as a Post and have a Page that lists the Upcoming Events that links to the Post for each event.

    Many ways to put information on your site. Most people want their site to be high on the Search Engines.

    For more on the difference: http://support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/

    The nice thing about WordPress software is that it is easy to change things if you change your mind.

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