Whats the best way to get viewers?

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    Just wondering, because I just started this new blog and I have no idea on how to get viewers. It seemed so much easier when I had a tech site to get people to come! Anyway…any suggestions would be helpful.




    I did, and I couldn’t find anything but threads just like this one: someone saying go search the forums/FAQ. However, to please you, I did it again and found this topic: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/increasing-readership?replies=5#post-242980.

    I am posting this for anyone who is new to blogging, like me, and who might have the same question and same problem as I did on finding ways to increase viewership. Also, if you would like other words to help you search, I suggest use READERSHIP because that was my problem.

    Thanks for the help and your welcome to new bloggers.



    Firstly, could you give us a link to your WordPress.COM blog so that we know your blogging platform, starting with http:// If you read the thread that vivian linked to, you may have noticed the suggestion to link your username to your blog. This is great when you leave comments on other people’s blogs, too.

    In general, if you are blogging on WordPress.COM it’s true that the topic of blog promotion comes up repeatedly around here. Part of the trick is knowing what search terms to use when looking, but since you’ve only been here for a couple of days you wouldn’t have known that until you’ve been around and read the forums a while.

    Searching tags is also helpful. Try clicking on the tag I added to this thread.



    I’m saying this as posting my first time as wise-ass, and not as newbie:) First of all, that’s what I learned very quickly, if you […] I am posting this for anyone who is new to blogging, like me, and who might have the same question and same problem as I did on finding ways to increase viewership. […]. use TAGS (right side):) That gives everyone else the opportunity to find your post, and the suggestions of others, much easier and faster, as the Forum Search only picks up Tags, not text (I’m so proud of myself just now:p, again, simply because I didn’t know this since a week ago, too)

    As far as I know, and we’re back to newbie, away from wise-ass: Google needs a while to pick your post up, so, post often, and, be patient,

    use different tags, but not more than 12 Tags and/or Categories (counts in combination), otherwise WordPress could think you’re spam, and excludes you from the search.

    connect your username (such as: obamaelect (Yey)) with your blog link, and you do this like this: My Account (upper left corner), >edit profile>, so you come to “Your Profile and Personal Options”, scroll down to “Contact Info”, focus on “Website”, and the blank white field behind. In this fiel, paste your wordpress address, e.g http://paulasmuniverse.wordpress.com/ (this would be mine, you take yours). Don’t forget to save the changes. If you would have done that, I could now click on obamaelect and at least view what you’re up to in general (and I would:).

    Then: comment on other Blogs, so people know that you’re there and have something to say. And, if it’s slightly smart, they will click on your Username ^^^^^^^ to see what else you have to say.

    Even if you read other Blogs, they’ll see you were there, and that makes them maybe curious.

    Ask other people who write about related issues to take you on their blogroll, and you do the same for them. Or you just do that, because you’re nice, and then there might be other people who are nice to you pretty soon.

    And then there’s some stuff with Technocrati and Delicious which I don’t understand yet:) But you find that in the FORUM:)

    And now I tag this, and feel good about myself:)



    Oh, yeah, and the, search the Forum before you ask:)



    Here is a couple of article links geared towards
    gaining more steady traffic.

    Top 6 Ways To Get Your Blog Noticed Fast On The Interweb:

    How To Use Get Social For WordPress.com (social bookmark bar)

    How To Lock In A Potential Audience

    And for who ever is interested in linking there name
    to there blog so you can gain visitors from the forums
    as well as other blogs when you leave a comment.

    How to link your name to your blog [With iage reference]



    There’s also this FAQ, How do I get more traffic?

    Re tags, careful selection of tags is just as important as how many you use. Tags like Politics, Life and so on are very popular and can bring in plenty of traffic if your post is relevant, but it’s easy for an infrequently updated blog or a poorly titled post to get overlooked there. A tag like “Where are my pants?” might get you a tag page all of your own, but it’s unlikely many people will ever see it.


    i am of those who asking that kind of questions. I am new here in wordpress and i dont have much friends coming from here.. so if like to add me.just tell me, ill add you too…





    wow…I’m gone for like what, not even a day, and all these people are replying!? Sweet!!!

    First of all, thanks to all who have replied and posted several links and even ways on how to get the topic read quicker (I didn’t know the use for tags…lol feel dumb now).

    Also, I thought it automatically attached your user name to ur blog…oh well I did it now! But this is my blog http://obamaelect.wordpress.com . It’s about Obama of course!

    And give me a while to read all those links…:-) Thank you very much!



    Thanks for asking the quesiton, I have had similar questions about the process and have a blog I started last week about sports and this was all very helpful.



    Your welcome! guys. :)

    Going to hide under my rock again & play
    some “Call of duty world at war”. :D


    When I lost most of my traffic, I joined three well known high traffic blogs and commented on them with my blog url as either a signature or linked to my username. And the rest was just luck. And update as much as you can.

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