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What's the best wordpress/blogger forum?

  1. I've seen a lot of lists that respected individuals like @timethief have put out there, but a lot of them are old and feature sites that no longer receive hits and, consequently, don't have an active community. Is there any largely active wordpress/blogging forum (outside of this one) in existence?

    'Preciate any and all help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It takes a critical mass of regulars who post most days to establish and keep a vibrant forum going. I cannot name a single "vibrant" forum for bloggers who have non-monetized blogs, aside from this one.

  3. What, exactly, do you need? For technical support, the Support forum can't be beat. Average time to wait for an answer in a support forum is 13 hours: here, it's about 2 minutes.

    Are you looking for cultural exchange, chit-chat, philosophy, tips, what? Forums tend to be subject-based, and "blogging" is just too broad a category.

  4. I am looking for an active community of posters with a large installed base of registered posters that post about anything, but the community must, within that realm of posters, also be a hub for writers of content to where promotion of wordpress sites would be not be frowned upon.

  5. Then it sounds like you should just join a writer's forum. There are thousands of those. Google will show you the most popular ones first.

    Given your topic, you should also look into fansites, as most of them have very active forums.

    Just a note: MOST sites frown on you using them to promote YOUR site instead of theirs. The best way to get some leeway is to join the forum and contribute actively for some time, then add links to your stuff only as appropriate, ie if it relates to the topic being discussed. However: most forums that are not professional forums will allow elaborate sigfiles which can include a URL for your own site.

  6. @catstevensfan
    Maybe the sites listed here will be of interest to you. Also note the sites my readers contributed in the comments.

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