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Whats the code?

  1. Oka this may be a simple question but with a simple answer. What is the code that i use to have my wordpress show up on my site and what do i use. I'm a new user and i have not a clue how to use word press i have made a post on wordpress but i do not know how to make it show up on my site. please help. And ill prolly be back later to change a theme or something

  2. You say you've "made a post". It's not displaying. Did you "Publish" or just "Save and continue editing"? You need to publish the post for it to show.

    There's no "code", once you publish your post it will display automatically.

    Theme changing is as simple as going to Dashboard > Presentation and choosing a theme you like.

    Can I suggest you have a glance at the FAQ?

    Oh, Welcome to and the forums! I hope you'll enjoy your stay. Please ask (after checking the FAQ!) about anything you're not sure of.


  3. There are also links in the FAQ posted at the head of these forums for beginners as well. :)

  4. Ya know, I could have sworn I linked the FAQ!

  5. You know I could have sworn you didn't so that was why I supplied 3 links. One to the FAQ's blog, one to the FAQs sticky at the top of the forum topics, and one to the forum page where the search box is located. I suppose web gremlins wiped them out, eh?

  6. UMMm i still don't get what your talking about FAQ where is that?

  7. frequently asked questions blog
    pink sticky at the head of the forum questions

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