What’s the deal? Slow, no thumnails, no code view

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    I just moved my blog here from blogger because everyone was raving at how much better WordPress is. Well, so far I’m not impressed.

    I’ve just spent the last hour trying to make one single post. Trying to figure out what the max file size is for an image before it will no longer create a thumnail has proved to be fruitless, even after searching the FAQs and Forums. I think I finally figured it out on my own.

    So while trying to figure this out, I’ve been uploading pictures. I have a fast connection, but each upload has taken at least 10 minutes to finish. The files are only 280k!! I finally get them to upload and I move them into my blog and try to view the “code” view and it doesn’t work.

    At this point I’m considering moving back to blogger. I never had any of these problems there.

    Is it a bandwidth issue? Is it common that WordPress gets bogged down in the evenings or something? I’ll research why Code View doesn’t work. Ugh.


    I would suggest cutting your files down by about half or more. Typically I shoot for about 50-70k so that my page loads faster. On a monitor, it is difficult to see the difference between a 320k image and a 50k image unless you have them side by side. Check the links below and they will tell you what maximum widths are for various themes. When you send an image to the editor, you will have the option of doing a thumbnail or full sized image.

    Using thumbnails with a link to the full-sized image is actually a pretty good way to go as it doesn’t slow down loading of the main pages and people can click on the image to get to the full-sized version.

    What browser and operating system are you using?

    When creating and uploading an image to wordpress.com here are some basics worth remembering:
    (1) Be sure your image is one of these file types – jpg, jpeg, png, gif (Note that bmp’s cannot be uploaded due to size).
    (2) Do not use anything in the file name except letters and numbers. Use no spaces, no dashes, no underscores, or any type of special character or punctuation, except for the dot between the file name and the extension. Also make sure that the file name has an extension.
    (3) If you are using iPhoto, then use the “export” function under the file menu to export the image to your desktop before trying to upload it to WordPress.
    (4) If you are not using the image in thumbnail size, make sure that the image is not too wide for the post area in your particular theme. You can find maximum image widths for the most popular themes here: http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/09/25/how-big-can-my-images-be/
    (5) Optimize your images so that your blog pages will load faster. See http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/05/08/optimise-your-images/


    Bandwidth is not an issue, and we have good people here in the forums. We will get you on the road just as quickly as we can.


    On the code view, go to users and then click on “edit at the right end of the line with your username and email. At the top left, make certain “Use visual rich text editor is selected (as long as you are not using Safari on a Mac) and save your changes. If you are using Safari, I would suggest downloading Firefox as there are quite a few things here in the software and such that Safari does not at this time support.



    There are, for the record, some erratic bandwidth issues showing up all over North America and anything that routes through it. That’s not a WP.com issue, but it’s something to keep in mind.


    That’s good to know, thanks for posting it.



    Thanks for the info. I quit trying last night and tried again this morning with the same results (on uploading photos).

    We have a cable internet connection. I’m using Firefox on Windows XP pro. I’m uploading a JPG image that’s 280K that I would like to use as a thumbnail in my post. I’ve figured out that the max pixels wide is 2000 and the max file size is 300k. My full size photo is 1280 wide with a 280k file size, well within the limits that should allow for me to upload and use as a thumbnail.

    Today I’m getting a message when I try to upload the image that the “connection has timed out”, so obviously this is some sort of connection/bandwidth problem, it just seems weird to me that it’s been happening since last night. I was able to do this just fine a few days ago (when I migrated my blog and did a test post).



    hm strange, i use firefox and upload a 500k pic in less than 5sek.. but on the other hand i have a 100/10mbit connection


    I could never upload through WordPress. Allot of times one image can be over 1 MG each after I finish manipulating it. lol


    What are you uploading 500 pictures for?? My other blog sometimes I would have 20-30 images a post but that’s if they were bikini pictures. Then I must post all!



    he said 500k, not 500 pictures! LOL



    *runs away*

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