What’s the difference between “Support” & “Questions” forums?

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    As basic a question as one might imagine — what’s the difference between the “Support” and “Questions” forums? When should I use one or the other?


    Does this help? http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/05/07/got-a-question/

    If you have a question – and you are really sure you’ve looked for an answer – AND you have searched the forums – post it in the Comments here.

    Comments asking for answers that are in the FAQ or the forums will not be answered.

    Questions asked several times become FAQ’s and will be answered there.

    Suggestions should go into the Ideas Forum, not here.

    And if something is actually wrong with your blog, send a [Support] Feedback!

    (Comments to this post will be cleared regularly of answered issues. So before you post, check that it really has not been answered before. Questions not to do with wordpress.com will not be answered)



    Thanks for replying, but I’m afraid that FAQ entry doesn’t help much. Mainly because “If you have a question – and you are really sure you’ve looked for an answer – AND you have searched the forums – post it in the Comments here” doesn’t give any indication of where “here” is.

    Also, what is meant by “Comments” isn’t clear. Does it mean forum postings? I find that unlikely as by overwhelming internet convention forum postings are called “postings”. But if not, then what is it one be posting a Comment on? I don’t see any way to comment on a FAQ entry.

    Then later in the FAQ item referred to, it says “Comments to this post will be cleared regularly…” Now I’m yet more confused — does this mean that replies to a forum posting are called “Comments” in WordPress.com lingo?

    I’m not trying to be difficult, I’m just temporarily confused over the apparent fuzzy indistinguishability between “comments” and “postings” in the context of wordpress.com forums. I think the conventional understanding of these terms would restrict “comments” to the realm of the WP.com blogs, where one leaves “comments” on blog content, while everything on a forum is usually called a “posting” — setting aside for the moment the fact that primary blog content entered by the blog owner and upon which others can “comment” is also called “postings”.

    I’m sure the paradigm will clear shortly, especially if some kind soul can help set me straight.



    Perhaps the way to go is to simply blurt out your stuff right here. State what you have in the form of questions or whatever. Once you do that other wp.com bloggers can weigh in and give you their interpretations and advice as to how to proceed. However, if that does not suit, during support hours you can use this link to contact staff and request clarity http://wordpress.com/contact-support/



    Methinks thou art wise, timethief.

    Accordingly, please see my query, currently lodged in the Questions forum, re changing the text of the “home” link atop one’s blog postings.

    I’m grokking as fast as I can this thing humans call blogging, as a neophyte in a realm largely inhabited by folk who preceded me on this path by as much as half a decade. And I’m enjoying the process and overall am totally impressed and delighted with the breadth & depth of WordPress.com — let alone wordpress.org, which I anticipate delving into in the future.



    Some of the themes we work with here have been coded to have “Home” or “Blog” page tab but pages can be hidden – check this out http://faq.wordpress.com/2007/07/01/i-have-2-home-page-links/
    And there are theme reviews you can use to make a choice.
    If you have css customization skills and are willing to purchase an upgrade and undertake the project other options may be available. But that’s a whole new discussion and supper’s ready.

    HTH :)

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