whats the diffrence between haveing one or many????

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    whats the diffrence between haveing one button for a blog feed subscription or many … In my blog i have put one button at the top under the search bar called “Subscribe to Blog Feed” and a bit further down, i have a heading called “RSS Subscription” and underneath have over 10 diffrent buttons to click on to get RSS subscriptions …. are both these two necessary or do i only need to have one and not the other???


    As far as I’m aware there are a few different types of feed e.g. Atom and RSS.

    Have a read of the wiki – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS_(file_format)

    Personally, I use feedburner as it supports all formats, at least all the main ones, and so can be used by all!



    Your ‘Subscribe to Blog Feed’ links pulls directly from your blog. The services act as in-betweens offering the RSS feed.

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