Whats the issue with PayPal donate buttons?

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    I have tried everything (followed all suggested info in previous post ) I cant get the PayPay button to click it only showss as an image, what gives?? noticed this same thing of a few other blogs

    WP needs to get it together

    The blog I need help with is swaggtalk100.net.



    I have a post on my blog that many bloggers have used with success. It’s not illustrated like the one in the support documentation http://en.support.wordpress.com/paypal/ but maybe it will do the trick.

    How to add a custom paypal donation link


    Yes the illustrated one was what I seen yesterday (did’nt workout) ive switched th Visual to HTML and vice versa did the images save and selected the one for email from my PP account...still not working properly. Thanks for your site ill try those tips although that might be a bit more confusing to me than the previous one I tried, but maybe ive missed something so ill give it a shot.

    Thanks TT your a doll





    Great news! :)

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