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    What’s the Latest on the Enterprise Theme troubles. I would love to settle with this Theme. The only problem that I have with it, is that when I “Block Post” something, the text is not consistent from the top of the post , to the end of the post. Some of the Text is ( Italicized ) and some is not. Seems as the text itself could also be a little bigger…?

    The blog I need help with is sonsothunder.wordpress.com.



    What troubles? Are you sure the font problem is not caused by your changing fonts in your posts? I have this theme up on my test blog and I can’t see any problems with the fonts at all in the posts I have in it.



    Well, I haven’t changed any fonts in my post timethief, other than put BOLD font on a Poem, as the font seems smaller than any of my other themes…I did change something, in the codes on ANOTHER theme, per Pans Site , via this forum… other than that …http://sonsothunder.wordpress.com/2010/05/12/say-end-time-in-time/ this is the only problem I’m having…the last paragraph in this post, for example, is ( Italicized), when ( Block Quoted ) anyway, whereas the rest of it… is not.?




    Oh, and the slight discoloration of the Font, to the right of the Image Framing, which I understand is refractory of the themes capability… I mean, I can live with that.


    You need to go into the HTML editor on that post and fix all the screwed up HTML. It has a ton of misc tags and junk.

    It appears as if that entire post was pasted in from another program, or perhaps off the web, since there is a ton of junk code in it all the way through. Here is just a small sampling:

    <blockquote><p><span style="color:#000000;">When  the    ” <em>End Time ” </em>topic<em> </em>comes up,  several things usually take place,  one of which, unfortunately in my opinion delivers a punishing blow to the advancement of  Gods Kingdom.  <em>One;</em> <em> </em>A<em> </em>deep Eschatology debate arises, as two or more  prophecy scholars  rarely agree totally on interpretation and time lines.   <em>Two; </em> a non believer becomes totally offended and either leaves the room, or begins debating the existence,  or the  motives of  an all loving God who in their opinion is unjustly destroying what He allegedly created .   Or, <em>three;</em> a  believer who is unstudied  in the area of  end time prophecy, (  for reasons ranging from fear that it might take them out of their personal comfort zone of salvation, to the ignorance of it’s importance to Kingdom advancement  )  will interject  that the world has been in the end times for the past 2000 years.</span></p>
    <p><span style="color:#000000;">As far as the first reference of what sometimes  happens when the topic of the End Times comes up,   I will admit that  Eschatology debates can be harmful to the great commission of spreading the good news  when the parties turn it in to a battle of  bull-wits before unfamiliar peers of  the teachings.   Albeit, when done with the proper motive of  iron sharpening iron, then it can be very helpful, for both parties, Christianity, and ultimately the world. </span></p>
    <p><span style="color:#000000;">Of course many Christians will say that the <em>End Time</em> message is not needed, not a matter of salvation, and that<em> THEY</em> will be flown to safety when it all goes down anyway.   And, I’ll just leave those Christians  to the Atheist to debate, as even an Atheist knows that Christianity is not supposed to be  about self.  In fact, salvation is not supposed to be hoarded, but given away as a gift, just as God gave it to us.  Not that we can save anyone ourselves, but, if we know enough about the  shortness of  the time in which we have left to minister His word to those in need, we may be able to change the heart of  even just one  of those Atheist.</span></p>
    <p><span style="color:#000000;">And speaking of Atheist, that brings us to the second occurrence which many times comes about upon the mention of the “<em>End Times” </em>and that one being unbelievers becoming offended, or indifferent and spouting off to a Christian, why they don’t believe in Christ, or God.    But, I really can’t see where that does the testimony of Christ</span></p>
    <h1 class="mceTemp">
    <dl class="wp-caption alignleft">
    <dt class="wp-caption-dt"><a href="http://sonsothunder.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/jesuswithlostsheep3.jpg"><img class="size-full wp-image-1228" title="Jesuswithlostsheep" src="http://sonsothunder.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/jesuswithlostsheep3.jpg?w=421&h=600" alt="" width="421" height="600" /></a></dt>
    <dd class="wp-caption-dd">Photo@Photobucket</dd>
    <p>any great harm, really,  after all  if we are secure enough in our own salvation to KNOW that we are going to survive the great tribulation,  either by Pre -Tribulation Rapture, or Pre-Wrath Rapture, (depending on ones Eschatological view) then, how’s that hurting the Kingdom  advancement ?</p>
    <p><span style="color:#000000;">No, unfortunately, the latter example of what many times takes place at the mention of the End Times, (though certainly true  that once Jesus was risen to life,  the plan of salvation through His atoning death,  went into effect  2000 years ago,) is the thing that I see as the most harmful of the three things that most generally take place at the mention of the End Times. Why harmful? Many ask.  Quite frankly,  for a Christian believer to profess that the end times are only vaguely mentioned in the word of  God,  or irrelevant to the believer or the world which is following a false hope of pluralism,  in my opinion,  that believer hasn’t done their homework.  It really only goes to show that they haven’t taken Gods instructions through Paul in the book of Timothy seriously when Paul admonished:</span></p></blockquote>

    Never paste from MS Word or the web without using the paste from word, or paste as plain text buttons on the lower toolbar in the editor.




    Okay, Thanks Sacred Path… I guess I need to go back to the Theme in which I changed the codes, Per Pans Site instructions to address the ( Bloke Quote) problems which that Template had. Apparently it transferred the post from that Templates Coding, into an un-recognizable language to this theme??? I am not all that savvy… hope I can find which one it was …as all of the Templates that I have switched to lately have had one issue or another…. not that I am complaining… I am only trying to simplify things for the potential readers.


    No, the themes do not insert code into the posts or pages, the markup (HTML/PHP for the theme) sets the styling, and then your browser takes the styling information from the CSS file and applies it to that text. No code is added to the actual posts.



    Okay, well, if it didn’t transfer from a previous theme, then, it is either a Template issue, or a Browser issue, as I have not changed any code…or copy and pasted anything to this new Template…Yet, the problem exist in both IE, as well as Firefox. Maybe I just need to keep looking for a template…which is really getting to be frustrating…LOL, I have LIKED several of the ones I have changed to, yet, they all have had an issue that was really…just ? Uncomfortable?


    The code is actually in the post from what I can tell.

    My suggestion would be to do that post over and give it the same date it has now and delete the other post, and use the “paste as plain text” button to insert the text so that no extraneous code comes in.



    The fix is simple. Use Icon 5 in Row 2 of the Visual Editor to strip out the junk code in that post. See here > http://en.support.wordpress.com/visual-editor/#row-2
    1. Open the post for editing and in the HTML editor copy all the code to your clipboard. Then delete it all from the HTML editor.
    2. Switch to the Visual Editor and click Icon 5 in Row 2. (Paste as Plain Text”
    3. When the pop-up opens checkmark “Keep linebreaks” in the top right hand corner of the pop-up box.
    4. Paste the code you copied onto your clipboard for the post into the pop-up box and click “Insert”.
    4. The junk code will be stripped out and the text will be inserted into the post.
    5. Click “Update”. .

    The problem should be solved.



    Thanks Timethief…is that a real picture of you by the way?… anyway, I’ll take a look at your post tomorrow..and feel sure… I will be fixed up…Right now I need to go to bed,,it’s 1:40 here…and I have been glaring at your picture for twenty minutes .funny, when I look at Sacredpath… I get a peaceful easy feeling…LOL, see I told you I need sleep..
    GOD bless you both…Good night..



    Thanks you two.

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