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What's the most unexpected post to generate traffic for your blog?

  1. My 2007/05/25 Metal Trees post leads the pack and continues to get hits every day. It was so perplexing that I appended a note to the post asking readers to comment about why it was drawing their attention. To date there's not been a single comment. Go figure.


    The YMCA and... abortion?
    Okay, maybe I did kinda expect some traffic for that one. Oh well. XD

  3. Rabbit skinning. The animal rights activists come to see it because it proves how nasty carnivores are, the survivalists come to see it just in case, the country folk come to see if I've got it right, and the perverts? Well, suffice to say that "rampant rabbit" does it every time!

  4. I should have said the rabbit skinning post has been in my top five for three years now.

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