What’s the right number of Tags to use?

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    What is generally thought as the right number of Tags to use for a post.
    I know it’s not good to have too many, but how many is too many? Some of my garden related posts can cover a wide range so how can I attract people to my blog http://completegarden.wordpress.com without over doing the tags?
    For example I have written about a Small white caterpillar that’s eating my veg.
    This can be tagged as:- garden wildlife, garden pest, vegetables, pests, butterfly etc. etc. so can you advice how many words AND should they be single words like garden, pest, vegetable rather than using two words like garden pest, vegetable pest?
    Your advice will be much appreciated.
    I hope I have this is the right section as this topic is Links and I hope Tags are Link related. (Please advice if I should move my question to a different section.



    the rumour is that about 12 is the bees knees.


    And remember that is a total of 12 for tags + categories. Examples: 2 categories + 10 tags, or 7 categories + 5 tags.


    Thank you very much.
    Very helpful



    Use the most relevant tags, as well. Ask yourself – what will other users search for if looking for a post on this topic?

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