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What's the weirdest Search Engine Term used to find your site?

  1. Following on from funniest SPAM comments what's the strangest or weirdest term used to find your site?

    Strangest for me was "Ian Fox Died Cabaret" This was three days after a gig didn't go that well.

    other oddballs include

    "make sentences from word noddy yahoo! answer"

    "does anyone know a good pr person for the edinburgh fridge"

    "flyposting london bluetack"

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Today I had "Cats wearing clothes"

  3. I wrote this back in December:

    Ever since I get search terms on that site including the words sex, horses and women, not necessarily in that order and with verbs in the mix - I'll leave it to your imagination.

    I hate it, but not much I can do about it!

  4. Today I just looked and I had...

    "playing with my baby comment blog"


  5. Someone got to my site searching Robbie Williams.

    Unfortunately for them the post is question just contains a link to a man with Tourettes Syndrome doing a cover version of Angels.

  6. @teamoyeniyi You've just given me a great idea.

  7. Today I had 'butt crack' :|

  8. These are from today.

    how to write a complaint letter to police against neighbor for stoning

    "have any good diuretics"

    show me obituary written for a daughter who didn't accomplish very much

  9. Foot Long Dagger

  10. @theianfox - I dread to think! It is really annoying for me because my post was about a child sexual abuse case here in Australia and these darn search terms just seem to add insult to injury, really.

    And there are SO MANY of them, just with the words switched around. To give you an indication, I have something like (according to Google) 10,000 page impressions on that blog, compared with 3,000 in the same period for my main blog. As the other blog has 4 posts this month, compared with a daily post for for Love versus Goliath, what does that tell you?

    Humans can be very strange sometimes. :(

  11. today,

    black hair blue underneath.

  12. I do have some funny ones.

    "australia burocracy" - spelling not a strong point, clearly

    "buying stuff" - WTF? I would have thought that would return a ZILLION results and they found me?

    "11 go" and "t back" - have to be typos, surely?

    "we live in public" - that could be interesting...

    From the other blog:

    "men wearing sanitary pads" - I could do without the visual image, thanks

    "i am not rich" - well, neither am I, but I'm not sure Google has an answer for that one

  13. @teamoyeniyi - "men wearing sanitary pads" Hahahaha, I dread to think.

    My favorite was 'nice positions' and it took them to a silly post I did about cat yoga. I think they were probably looking for something a little sexier!

    Two others I liked were:
    'people are ungrateful creatures' and
    'spock love cartoon'.

  14. @alifebewhiskered - because my other blog comments on news articles and the like, I have some VERY strange search terms (and so many - more than 10 times my main blog), most not suitable for publication here. Actually, it was this thread that prompted me to even look at my search terms on that blog - what a shock I got!

    I'm probably flagged as an "adult" site somewhere in the cloud as a result of the darn seach terms!

  15. Ah, ok. I was trying to tie the men in pads to your main blog and was coming up blank. Some of these terms really make you wonder what on earth these people are really hoping to find.

  16. Yes, if you look at my earlier post with the link to what I assume is the culprit post - it is to an entirely different blog! Arrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh

    The joys of blogging!!!

  17. I am loving this thread.

  18. You're not going to produce a Fringe Festival featuring ..... nope, never mind! I think it is bedtime for me before I say something age inappropriate for an open forum!

  19. ostrich eyes

  20. Today: ''
    Ok, so it might be true :)

  21. Jade C**k

    Bizarrely I knew exactly which post that would of taken them to.

  22. "application of austrian kangaroo"

    I have absolutely no clue how that was strung together.

  23. well, the Austrian kangaroo part is easy - SO MANY people get Australia and Austria confused, trust me!

    The application bit I'm not so sure about........

  24. I think these are cute for different reasons:

    "why does my husband not want to make love to me" - clearly searching for answers, but it might be better to look closer to home that Google? Maybe - I don'tknow.

    "rrt notify me when new comments are added name* e-mail* website" - OK, I can understand RRT found me - but the rest of it?

    Very LONG search terms......

  25. "Italian guy with long hair and beard"

  26. @macmanx - "application of austrian kangaroo" has to be one of the best ever.

    This thread is great. I hope it keeps going.

  27. OK, Mom - I have no idea how that found a mom of many in Canada! LOL

  28. Nothing weird today.

    I don't know if to be relieved or disappointed.

  29. Ian - here are a couple for you. One under the other, actually:

    "national penis day new zealand" and
    "new zealand qualifications authority"

    It was the conjunction of the two that made me giggle - I'll leave that up to your imagination.

  30. These are my weirdest ones:

    why does this guy always stretch in front of me
    stephen hawking drunk
    granny hair
    girls who ride the nipples of a space hopper (my favourite!)
    embrace inner man
    hariest granny


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