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What's the weirdest Search Engine Term used to find your site?

  1. "Tiny teen fuck old pics"
    ..There are no words. If someone looked that up I'm imagining you would just get porn or something like that. I have no clue how they got to my blog, honestly.
    But my most common search term is about Harry Potter quotes. A LOT of people like Harry Potter, people get linked to my blog everyday from searching for Harry Potter quotes :] Yaaaaay

  2. theinsanityaquarium

    'q and a best way to remove goat meat odor'

    I'm not even joking. I saw that one today and it just made me laugh so hard. I hope they found the 'a' they were looking for!

  3. @Anna I hope they don't, bast#$@'s, what did they do to that poor goat, lol

  4. "I got spanked as a teenager and all my friends saw did that ever happen to you"

    ..No, I can't say it ever has...

  5. "amanda knox playboy"

    I ran a story on Hugh Heffner offering an invitation for Knox to go to the Playboy Mansion.

  6. theinsanityaquarium

    Today I got 'cabbage puns'. It's just one of those days.

  7. @Mis Alright Mistress, I've got a new one for yah "мальчик аниме" although I'm guessing that second word is Anime'

  8. theinsanityaquarium

    'horny bears'

  9. huge clunge
    i got raped by a psychopath

  10. @DarkJade - мальчик аниме = anime boy

  11. @Ard ah thanks man, lol... I can not tell you how many find my site with that. Must be all the Anime Art I use in Captain Fire 197

  12. theinsanityaquarium

    Today I got 'daily dose of insanity fish tank' which seems oddly specific...!

  13. "vaginal smurfs" which is fantastic considering I've never spoken of either.

  14. I got one last week or so that said "fat people failing." Made me feel so good about myself :P

  15. theinsanityaquarium

    'basil sorbet -lime -lemon -strawberry -pineapple -peach -melon -orange'

    That's a lot of effort to try and find a web page specifically about basil sorbet, and now I feel terrible for whoever it was that was searching because with that term the only page they would have come to was the one about me being chatted up by an old man! No basil sorbet recipe here, just some elderly action.

  16. That made me laugh with the force of 10,000 Mega-LOLZ :)

  17. theinsanityaquarium

    'plug hole in an aquarium'

    It's a pressing issue for the youth of today, evidently.

  18. Not strange, but in the last week I've been getting anywhere up to 50-60 hits from terms involving "big goats." I thought it might have been a one day thing, but it's been a week now. The first google image links to my site, but still, why is everyone looking for images of big goats?

  19. "consequences in maryland for people that get caught frotteurism"

    Somebody was in trouble. I hope I helped.

  20. Yesterday I got "there's always that one person that you want to punch in the face"
    Today I got "I want to be alone wallpapers"

    So overall, it's not that weird compared to some of the other stuff :]

  21. "is luke bryan secretly gay"

    The answer: Maybe.

  22. These ones made me smile.

    "first we take berlin. and then we circle around poland and yell "surprise!" meaning"

    "why is laura marling not smiling"

    "shit old furniture"

    "shit eyebrows"

    "i don't normally surf the internet but when i do i just brows"

  23. michaelcargill

    "Justin Bieber's penis"
    "berlusconi just a perv"

    Fair enough I have actually written stories about those things but it's weird that people are actually searching for such things...

  24. "what is the problem with Luke Bryan"

    I don't know how this person expected the internet to work. It's not like Google has prepared a list.

  25. "giant pop tart shitting rainbows"

    ..I wrote about the Nyan Cat a couple of days ago so that basically explains it haha

  26. i frequently have people googling "piss in boots" end up on my blog. . .

  27. "funny justin bieber quotes"

    As I've said in a blog, I don't hate Biebarooni, but I'm wondering who goes on the internet thinking "I need to laugh. I bet Justin Bieber could help with his great wit."

  28. dlcsmanagement

    I just had "gay thai boys" ....
    very uncool :s
    I did post a pic of a Thai boy but I hope he's not consciously busy with his sexual preferences yet;

  29. תמונות יפות על אהבה,гравюры дюрера

    looks Russian,just too weird!!

  30. I don't know what it led to, but it seems almost prophetic that "kid takes a dump in pants" would direct you to my blog.

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