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  1. secondchancetolive

    I do not want to sound demanding, however in the last 3 or 4 days, I ask questions and many of those requests have been ignored by moderators or the other guru's on Word Press. Am I being snubbed or what?

  2. talkingbaseball

    Based on your profile, just one of your questions from the last few days has gone unanswered and that was a question you could easily answer with a few forum searches here or Google searches. I don't mean to sound flippant, but this board is run by volunteers who have limited time. The moderators ask that you do a search in these forums before asking questions that have been asked and answered multiple times. So dig a little; someone will answer your question after a while.

  3. Both Mike and I search topics without replies and I don't see any except the few in the last hour that you asked. Am I missing something?


    **Edit** Checked your profile and I don't see any topics that are not answered. Hmm....

  4. I haven't seen any questions from you in at least two days.

  5. You emailed a question at 6:34pm yesterday
    My reply went out at 6:42pm
    You replied to that at 7:14pm - which was 12:14am here. I had an early night last night and stopped at midnight. Normally it's 1am or later. There are a lot of supports today and I'll get to yours.

    The only previous post which probably needs an answer was 5 March. My apologies. I will answer that.

    Other messages appear rhetorical and with respect I am too busy to ask if it's really a question and what it is - my day is full enough already.

    If you haven't had a reply, ask again and give even more detail. You cannot give too much detail - that just isn't possible.

    But I will answer those two when I get to them in the queue.

  6. @Mark - for a guy who is single handedly fielding support for three quarters of a million users and rising you are doing one heck of a job. I hope you get well paid. And I hope you and your family get a break every now and again. Thanks.

    Best wishes

    Root 2.0 :)

  7. i wonder how many support emails come in a day?

  8. secondchancetolive

    Oh my. As I have repeatedly said, I appreciate all your hard work and dedication. My intention was not to stir the pot. I appreciate your thoughts. If I have offended you, please forgive me. Thanks. Craig

  9. Craig - no worries :)

    Sulz -
    The number doesn't include the people who use old replies to ask new questions (which happens a lot at weekends now), or that some questions can take several replies to several issues all counted as the first one. It counts form submissions only.

    The start of the graph is last november and starts to show why I needed a weekend off ..
    It also shows why I really like Fridays and why Tuesday is not my favourite day at all.

    But it's not quantity, it's quality - hopefully I hit that more than I miss (and I know I miss but I try not to).

  10. Actually we have here very few threads that don't get an answer.

    And a fair amount of those are posts where folks we introducing something or explaning a FAQ.

    It's a lot better than over at

    I won't go into what my days look like.

    I still think we should have a weekend support person to give Mark and the rest of staff off.

  11. secondchancetolive

    Mark...I hope you got my email. I really appreciate you. You are a quality guy. Big time. Thanks for all your hard work. Please forgive me for being demanding at times. I do that to myself. Thank you for your help to Dr. Mike the staff, support people and volunteers that are willing to share information with people like me who are learning the ropes. You all are a gift from God to me. Thanks again. You all ROCK!!!

    Have a great weekend. Craig

  12. wow... we should have like a wordpress week or something, where support can have the weekend off!

  13. Yes, they should definitely get a weekend support person.

  14. @drmike
    OOPS! this thread also seems to have strayed into the forbidden policy area (oh no!). However, I believe there are always staff members working weekends. And I also believe that if something urgent arises on the forum they do handle the problem. Am I wrong?

  15. I don't think you are wrong. Urgent is urgent, but just that, only urgent matters! Support is Monday-Friday!


  16. I am invariably around, yes. But it's more a case of watching for issues that affect lots of people.

  17. /nod to trent
    WHEW! That's exactly what I thought so I'm glad to hear that confirmation. :)

  18. secondchancetolive

    Who do I write a letter to suggest such a weekend staff person to let Mark come up for air. Life is for living. Breath. Let me know and I will send a letter to the correct person requesting a reprieve for Mark. I am sure we can get other people to rally around the cause of creating down time for Mark, so he can have a life beyond Word Press.

  19. we can always start a thread here, like a petition.

  20. I say "thumbs down" on bloggers inappropriately attempting to dictate to wordpress and Automattic what ought to be done with regard to support staffing. IMO this is not blogger business: this is a matter of policy. Moreover, Mark has previously responded indicating his availability for urgent problems that affect multiple bloggers in this very thread

  21. i don't think we meant to "dictate" just showing support. if that is frowned upon by wp, of course we won't do it. well at least i won't.

  22. Not only that, but bloggers are perfectly entitled to ask for what works best for them; they're encouraged to do so, in fact. And having a weekend support person would work better for us, particularly if you consider that Mark might drop dead of overwork and then we'd have NO support.

  23. secondchancetolive

    My suggestion was to be kind to Mark for all his hard work. That is why I suggested starting a drive to give Mark a break (completey) over the weekend. If this is an infraction on policy, then so be it. No mutiny intended. Just trying to feed the hand that helps you and me!

  24. I'm fine thank you :)

    I love what I do and to go without the net for even 1 day let alone 2 is a scary scary thing indeed!
    The whole team puts a huge amount of work in - it's just I'm probably the most visible.

  25. >"to go without the net for even 1 day let alone 2 is a scary scary thing indeed!"
    Ah...aka: addiction! Leads to: burn out. I know. Took: three YEARS to get my brains back, after working 5 am to 1 am, 6 1/2 days a week, 16 months straight. Not Living. Not joking: back off, in stages, until you put Balance--family, play, friends, fun, books, exercise, long dinners, nature--back into your life. Don't: don't say you weren't warned. Wanna go THREE years without the net? Seen a question, ever --that Truly Could NOT wait awhile --for A Reply? If WordPress 'fell down' --all the servers all over the world suddenly went *POOF* --you'd probably get a call, right? So?

  26. secondchancetolive

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication Mark. You are a blessing to all of us. Please take care of yourself, too. I am seeking to find balance myself. I notice it every time I pass by it from one extreme to another in my process. Just works that way. Progress not perfection.

    Have a great week and thank you for all your and the other support staff at Word

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