What's up with "contact" that it goes no where.

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    I want to “Empty blog of all content”, but keep the name and have a forward link to my new site. When I try to do that the response is “contact” (click here) help for them to do it. When I do it takes me to look for “instant answers”. No where is there anything that I can find about emptying content.

    1) Why create an endless circle of non-information?
    2) Where is the gremlin who can do it for me?
    3) Can I not do it myself?

    Thanks all!

    The blog I need help with is worldwinesafaris.wordpress.com.



    1) because it saves time for staff who are paid by the hour

    2) right here: I flagged this thread for staff attention. If you know the magic Tag to add, you can summon them.

    3) yes, you can. Go to Dashboard->Posts and select all posts, delete. Repeat until all the posts are gone.



    You can quickly remove your contents by deleting them in bulk.
    Alternatively, we can empty the whole blog for you, but that will remove all data including posts, pages, tags, categories, comments, and uploaded files.
    Once deleted, the data cannot be recovered.

    If you are sure you want to proceed, please reply to confirm the name of the blog you want us to empty.

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