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What's up with my views?

  1. This could just be a simple glitch, but it has never happened to me before so I wanted to check. On my stats on the dashboard, my views for today keep disappearing. When they reappear, the count goes up to about 125 or so, even though I only have 12 for today. What's up with that?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. So it's not just me, then.

  3. perchesinthesoul

    Same problem on my dashboard & stats page, too. Mine either shows 0 or 200+ visits, when I've actually had 17 today.

  4. Wondering if it was an April Fools joke?
    The graphics is registering hits X 10.

  5. perchesinthesoul

    I was also thinking it might be an April Fools-related glitch.

  6. I suspect it's an April Fool's Day thing....

    but I could be wrong. I don't even see April 1st on my dashboard, it is as if the day doesn't exist... :-)

  7. There was an outage this morning. Stats data is cached. I suggest that we all exercise patience while waiting for rectification instead of posting multiple threads on the same issue.

  8. i think this is something to do with the april fool's day. wp always comes up with such surprises. I had an almost 1000 visits today on the bar, but where i had only 100, lol, i am enjoying it, atleast i get to see how it looks to have 1k visits per day. what ever it be if it is an outrage, wp will soon have it under control (i do not think it is an outdage, as other data are okay, so the day bar graph drawing code is tampered for fun i think (??))

  9. Well I'm sorry. Someone posted a topic titled "can't see my dashboar", but I can see my dashboard so I didn't look at that one.

  10. And I don't think it's an April Fool's joke, because it's not exactly funny... More annoying than anything.

  11. @dlager I think you're right - that's exactly what's happened to mine - graph jacked up by a factor of 10.

    @mjean09 Nobody ever said April Fool gags had to be funny. Annoying gets the job done just as well for some people of a juvenile disposition.

  12. i do not find it annoying it, because i always have the correct readings in decimal digits! the months/year bars are correct, only the last day of the day view has problem. what ever it be it would be fixed soon, till then it is good to see a 10x visit on the board.

  13. If it was an April Fool's Joke the joke would be on WP, because April Fool's jokes only count if they are before mid-day...and it's evening here!!

  14. There is something very strange going on on my site stats page too. My stats bar for today has leaped from 119 to what looks like 1119 although it still says just 119 on the pop up when I hover the cursor over.

    It is April Fools Day and I know in the USA it is still before 12 noon but here in London it is around 5.30pm - so not much of a fool really! Here in the UK we say that if someone does a fool after noon it doesn't count, by the way.

    If only my stats were that good - but from real readers rather than spammers. That would be great!


  15. ... and while I was typing I discover that someone has made the same point as me (thanks janvatala for backing me up). Sorry WP, if it is a fool it was a nice idea but afraid the joke is on you!

  16. Cheers hopeeternal ;)

  17. I have never heard that April Fool's jokes only count before noon... haha. Is that a UK thing? Maybe I'm just out of the loop :)

  18. @mjean09 That's how it's always been in Wales...i can't speak for the rest of the UK but @hopeeternal agrees with me in London.

  19. I figured it was an April Fool's joke. :)

  20. laurasbadideas

    I thought it was funny. If you hovered your mouse over the April 1 stats, it displayed an April Fool's message.

  21. April Fools is offensive and lame. Thanks, WordPress, for adding to my already high level of frustration.

  22. I thought it was funny.

  23. I didn't.

  24. It is funny because the joke has backfired...WP obviously didn't think about the difference in time zones...the joke doesn't count after mid-day!! Had me fooled though...but i'm guillable anyway ;)

  25. It's April Fool's.

    Is this how WordPress is run as a firm? If it wants shareholder value in the $$$$$ millions with big global companies in the future? It is incredibly immature of them. Like boys and girls playing in the sandbox.

  26. Lol, really? Immature? I don't think anyone who has stock in WordPress is going to think that this was immature. It's not like they were going around deleting blogs or something that is hurtful to people.

  27. @mjean09
    Will you please click into the OP of this thread and mark it "resolved"? Only the person who started the tread (you) and Moderators and Staff can do that.

  28. @mjean09
    Lots of people have blogs as a part of their real works and monthly income, so don't play with this.

  29. What's even funnier is that now people are turning on each other...go with the flow...we've been had so take it on the chin and laugh it off ;)

  30. Haha, wow... @canalblues, like I JUST said, it was completely harmless. Annoying, yes, but it will in no way affect anyone's life. Get over it :P

    @janvtala, I agree :)

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