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What's up with my views?

  1. @mjean09
    I'm thanking you in advance for blogging off now and choosing not to tell others what they ought to think or do, lest we respond to you in kind. Do read me?

  2. I hope you do read me because this is a technical support forum and exchanges lead to a bad place, whenever someone has the temerity to tell others what they ought to think, feel or do.

  3. Thanks for the alert! After refreshing the Stats page on my blogs, all seems to be back to normal. So as the police officers on UK tellie programmes say, "Nothing to see here, move along". :)

  4. @ timetheif... This is also not a place for ranting. Silly me, I thought we had our own personal blogs to go talk about how much we dislike a little prank WordPress pulled today. I was just being honest; someone spoke their mind, and I did the same.

    But thanks for the advice.

  5. You're most welcome.

  6. When you hover over April 1 on the stats bar graph is displays, "April Fools!" I got a kick out of it...thanks WP for the chuckle.

  7. Hey, my income DOES depend on my blogs, and I thought it was funny. After I picked my heart up off the floor :(

  8. Well it took them long enough to add the "April Fools!" to the stats graph! Just saying. ;-)

  9. snarkandcookies

    I was not amused. In addition to my normal blog (which only gets 15-25 views on any given day), I had just started a new blog about adults with Asperger's, which I am hoping very much will be of use to people within that community. I was naturally quite excited to see that it had jumped from 2 daily views to well over 100, and while I figured out pretty quickly that it must be a joke, I have to agree with several of the previous posters -

    It wasn't funny.

    For those of us who are saying something we desperately want to be heard, it's less than amusing to think that we've been heard, only to discover that an April Fool's joke plus a spike in spam visits means that we have not, in fact, been heard at all.

  10. Thank you, WordPress for having a quirky sense of humor. I enjoyed the joke. As I tweeted earlier today "Ha, thought Huh? then laughed out loud after signing into dashboard of my blog. @wordpressdotcom playing #AprilFools prank" Did not want to give it away

    I also noticed when I hovered mouse over graph, the correct stats for each day appeared. Only graph was tweaked for April Fools effect

  11. @mjean09

    Like I JUST said, maybe for people like you its completely harmless, but you won't see Google Analytics making people lose time with this kind of stuff trying to find out if it's a digg effect or anything else or why adsense income did not came up too.

    So yes, it's very funny if you have a hello kitty related blog that is seen only by you and your friends.

  12. snarkandcookies

    Wow. Usually I can see the humor in just about anything, but even at the end of the day, this still kind of sucks. I think the best jokes are ones that (eventually) all parties think are funny. Not the kind where one party with all the control and the technical skills says "Good morning, you are popular and people love your blog - oh, haha, just kidding, you are still invisible" and the other party says, "Oh. Ouch. Glad you had fun with that."

    Kudos to those with thicker skins than me, I guess.

  13. redneckprincess

    It was freaking hilarious...lighten up's all in good fun!!

  14. snarkandcookies

    Oh, well ... I still don't think it's funny, but at least I have a new idea for a blog post. I think it's fascinating that responses to targeted humor (i.e., where someone plays a joke on another person, who may or may not think it's funny) have quite a bit to do with the inherent psychological and emotional makeup of the recipient of the prank. For some reason, our society not only favors those who are less sensitive about humor that has the potential to hurt others, but encourages them to then criticize more sensitive people for not being tougher. "Grow up! Toughen up! Get a life!"

    How interesting these conversations would be if the more sensitive people (who frequently by definition don't stand up for themselves very well) started ganging up on the less sensitive people, haranguing them for their lack of sensitivity and compassion. I don't really see it happening, any more than the picked-on children of the playgrounds will suddenly stand up against the mean girls and bullies of the world, but it's an interesting thought.

    And the whole idea is to have more to write about anyway, right? ;)

  15. moneyprovidesfreedom

    It's a April Fools Day joke. My views for the day were multiplied by 10 of the actual number.

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