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What's up with Regulus?

  1. Hi there!!
    I use Regulues theme in my blog and today I noticed that it is different... worst!
    No borders in text boxes, text color is now blue (in the side menu)...

    Anyone knows why? I really (really) hope to see regulus the way it was!!

  2. Have you by any chance pasted in some text from elsewhere on the Internet? That can sometimes add in strange font errors in the sidebar. Check your latest posts in the HTML editor and delete stray tags.

    I don't know any other Regulus blogs, so I can't see if it's happening to all of them, sorry.

  3. I put one of my blogs over to Regulas again and didn't notice any issue with it, so do what Raincoaster suggests I guess!


  4. I thought it was just me. There is definitely something up with the theme. The boxes are gone and the colors are strange.

  5. I just checked it on my test blog. On the sidebar on the bottom right, there is a text widget, which normally would have a box around it. That's gone. Plus, the text is now blue, and it used to be black.

  6. Maybe they updated the theme to a newer version? I wish I could remember what the version of Regulas was before......


  7. Does it look better now? Vivian's test page looks fine to me.

  8. Dr Mike - that's not what it is supposed to look like. Here is a cache of my blog - note that the text widgets all have borders and the text inside them is black

  9. I concur with this problem. So add me to the list of people that want to see the box around the widgets back on the sidebar please :)

  10. I honestly like the text boxes better without the blue border. I haven't seen any blue text, though.

  11. I guess we all need to send feedback on this.

  12. I'm on the case :)

  13. Hey Mark. While you on the case, can you figure out what happened with the categories? All of a sudden, they have become hierarchal (sp?) instead of a flat list.

  14. That's so weird: half the people using hierarchical displays have been complaining they've gone flat. Hopefully it'll be straightened out soon.

  15. I need to speak to Matt T - hopefully later today. This is top of the list of things to talk to him about though.

  16. Thanks for being on top of this, Mark.

  17. I hope Matt looked at this. The categories thing is fixed but the missing boxes plus the blue text are still there.

  18. Hi guys -- sorry for the delay. You should find this is fixed for you now. The culprit was a class name that got inadvertantly changed.

  19. Thanks a lot!!

  20. Thanks Matt the box is back - But now the "font color" and any header tags <h2> do not work in a text widget that I had placed in the sidebar on a Regulus blog I have. I tried removing and replacing the widget as well as force reloading the page. It's on a private blog so I will send in feedback with details, but thought I'd post here as well.

  21. Thanks for the speedy fix! Appreciate it :)

  22. Thanks so much for fixing this!

  23. Just got an email back from my new best friend Matt T ;) (OK well maybe just good acquaintance) He has fixed the code for the text widgets in the Regulus theme that I mentioned a few posts up. This applies for those who were trying to customize your fonts in the widget itself. The font color tag is no longer being overwritten, the widget title font now match the rest of the widget's fonts and sizes, and the box gets to stay as well...although for the record I kinda liked it without the box :)

    Thanks again MattT

    [edit: Page force reload and a cache clearing is needed for this to show up]

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