What's Up with WP Lately?

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    I have several blogs through WP and for the most part, after trying close to a dozen blog sites over the years, I gravitate back to WP because of its ease of use and overall functionality. But for the past week, WP has been very uncooperative. I’m unable to upload photographs for some reason, half the time the ‘buttons’ aren’t working or only half of them will appear once the page loads. I’ve only managed to get ONE post up and running in a week, which makes trying to write about your renovation project extremely difficult. Has anyone else been experiencing problems with their blog?

    The blog I need help with is myrenoproject.wordpress.com.



    I have seen a few Posts of problems like yours – yesterday they had the email Posts with pictures attached messed up with the pictures being given fake not WP.COM file directory structures – the problem was blamed on converging with the release of 3.5 at .ORG – – the email thing was fixed in short order after I flagged it – don’t know if the merging is what is giving you problems or not – I have only done a couple of test Posts in the last couple of days so not been the best tester –



    I am getting dozens of failures. When I click to update I get a failure notice and if it is a new post it just reverts to a blank new post or page. If there was no autosave the content is lost.


    If there was no autosave the content is lost.

    Which is why you should do your writing and editing off-line. There are several programs available, probably already on your PC. When you’re done, copy and paste into one of the post forms. If something happens, you still have your local copy.



    I use an offline editor then move the Post to my blog for final tuning – the FIRST thing I do after moving the Post into my blog is SAVE DRAFT and I do the save draft every few minutes or every major change – correct I don’t trust software even back when I used to write it myself – Trust but save often

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