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What's with all the cats?

  1. Hey you lovely bloggers, and welcome to my first ever forum thing!

    So my question is, what's with all the cats? You guys know they're evil, right? I mean, next time you see a cat look right into its eyes for like five minutes and tell me its not unsettling. Also, sometimes they say "hello" but like "AAAAOOOOWWWWW!!!" and it scares me.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have three cats and I am sending them your way...ha ha, watch out they will stare at you and then who knows what they'll do?

  3. @strawberryindigo

    Thankyou for the cats, I may submit them for scientific research purposes.

  4. Um, cats rock!

  5. You just haven't seen Maru yet. The king of cats from youtube :)

  6. I have two cats. I love them, but they can be annoying. I wrote a post about cats a few weeks ago at

  7. @noirciplume

    Cats have a monarchy now? We've let this go too far...

  8. I agree, they are evil. I propose a ban on all cat posts in the Off-topic forums! RAAAWR.



  9. The cats have been secretly planning on taking over the planet, bit by bit. Soon all the operatives will be in place and the revolution will begin. I have been informed to tell you that you should take this as your final and only warning; Resistance is futile. Hail Cats!

  10. Quick everybody! Seal your cat flaps and hide the milk!

    They can take our forums, but they'll never take our dignity.

  11. I like you.

  12. @raincoaster

    *blushes* Why thankyou kindly!

    ...hey, you're not a cat are you?

  13. You know what bugs me about cats, besides my allergy? The way they stalk you. They follow you around, and you never know it until they jump out at you and claw the hell out of your legs.

  14. What about Chihuahuas? Are they cats who were so awful a vindictive god made them come back as fanged, naked mole rats?

  15. @raincoaster

    Yes, absolutely. You have many wisdoms in your beautiful eye.

  16. Huahaha funny topic!! I like cats but I don't have cats...I wish I have.
    But I have 2 lovely turtles already :)

  17. Yup!! she has us!! 2 cute turtles! :)

    @rememberthisstuff you hate cats, we hope you don't hate turtles

  18. Turtles are awesome, particularly of the Teenage Mutant Ninja variety.

  19. @raincoaster
    Slandering Chihuahuas again! Tsk - tsk. I'm not impressed and it's a good thing "the girls" can't read because they are on my lap.

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