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What's with all this dandruff falling all over the place ... ?!!!

  1. gilmourpoincaree

    What's with all this dandruff falling all over the ... ?!!! Does anyone know a good dandruff supressor ... ?!!! It's for a good cause and for the sake of public health ...

  2. They told me it was snow. I just have to believe it cause I've never seen snow in my life.

  3. You can turn it off on your own blog, but not on others. Personally I love the touch it gives to my blog.

    I don't think I've seen snow in my life either, actually.

    But anyway, I heard Head and Shoulders is effective.

  4. Don't pick on em! I got a scab on my head from picking on dandruff.

  5. It's that guy from Twilight. He finally combed his hair.

  6. I hate it, because it looks just like the visual aura that I see when I'm getting a migraine.


  7. I'm only gonna put it on my blog when it's actually snowing outside. Like the first day it was implemented, it was actually snowing. The odds of snow, again, before the 'Dandruff Special' ends is slim.

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  9. Geez,'ve got a way of killing an entertaining thread. Perhaps ya should leave your promoting under the threads designated as such?

  10. My sincere apologies. A rookie mistake.

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