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What's With Not Commenting. Is it A 'Up Yours' My Blog Is Better?

  1. You can spam comment????? How does that work. Sorry, clueless here! People just wanting their gravatars to appear everywhere?

  2. That is what Akismet is all about - it blocks spam. Where you manage your comment, there is Approved, Pending (where you go to approve new comments), Spam and Trash.

    People are paid to place comments on blogs to try to drive traffic to specific web sites.

    I might be new, but I learn some things quicker than others! LOL

  3. I couldnt get raincoasters link either. My browser got hung up and I had to shut it off.

    I am in complete agreement the way @ulaysha put it when she describes blogs and comments as dinner conversations. Me? I would love to partake of a blog with that atmosphere and would like to encourage it if possible.

    I leave a comment more often than I don't. I also notice that the more proacctive I am the more often the favor is returned. I am surprised at how many many people say they don't care about getting comments. In fact I can't beleive that, not really. I think it might be like that Aeosops fable: the fox and the grapes. (substitute bloggers for the fox and comments for the grapes)

    But networking also eats up a lot of time and commenting can become a pain in the but. As this thread had mentioned.. blogging is still a new thing. As such we can define it and make it our own.

    @Raincoaster, I love that about setting your commenters free. funny :)

  4. You can't open that post because it's got over 2000 comments.

    Try this one, it's only got just over a hundred:

  5. Also, I've seen a few people from this thread leaving "Nice post! Visit my blog!" comments, and I send those to spam, as they are spam. Don't be THAT GUY.

  6. sorry I can't spell so I don't right, sorry wright!!!

  7. Well, I could open that one, Raincoaster, but I think I'm a little dense - I don't get the "comment baiting" thing at all.

    Probably just as well, really, because I don't think I could employ it anyway, given my blog.

    If I EVER post "Nice post! Visit my blog!" anywhere, feel free to shoot me!!

  8. I did the same like Raincoster, Nice post visit my blog is so advertising. If it is a comment from a meme, I'm fine with that

  9. I think it's okay to comment on someone's blog and then offer a link to a relevent post of my own. None of my posts have 700 hits yet, so I guess I should be thankful that I get comments. I seem to get comments from 1 in 10 readers, so I guess I must be doing something right! And the subscribers are increasing.

    By the way, what is a meme?

  10. You know, I was on another blog but had to come here...I'm still stuck on Spam Comments. I know what Akismet is...but I didn't realise there are people who pay other people to Comment on blogs? C'mon - let's think of a hundred ways to prostitute ourselves. @teamonyenyi Geez, could I be more naive?

    And just to re-inforce that, I would also like to know what a meme is - I understand it in relation to sociology but not in relation to blogging platforms.

  11. Well, Ulaysha, Akismet doesn't catch all of them. So you need to assess the source of the comment as well as the comment itself.

    If such a comment is from a regular, I'm fine with that - but any websites or email addresses with a marketing ring to them go straight to the spam folder!

  12. @ulaysha
    Re:recognizing pingback, trackback, and comment spam and identifying a splog see here >

    Re: memes
    A blog meme is a viral game where you generate links and relationships through asking other bloggers to participate. Blog memes are a means of securing backlinks. See here for more >

  13. Thank you Timethief for explaining meme to stewiejt.
    I do a lot of book memes when I feel like it, I have one meme that I continuously do every week for the past 1,5years

  14. Comment baiting is interacting with your commenters in such a way that it encourages them to come back and make MORE comments. You can argue and insult, like I did there, or you can support and debate, as I did in the mummified fairy thread.

  15. Ahhhh - like facilitating a debate! Interesting but you're right - very hard work. Good way to really hear your audience - if you're wanting to gather views on a specific topic. Think I'll try it sometime. Does anyone know any sites advising on writing style and content for blogs. I found CopyBlogger via TimeThief but are there any others thta anyone would recommend?

  16. @Raincoaster - ahhhhhhhhhhhhh - I see! I think I will leave that for a while - I have limited energy as it is, right now! For obvious reasons.

  17. @Raincoaster--you are a genius.

  18. No kidding! We long time members consider her to be brilliant. ;)

  19. @ulaysha

    Does anyone know any sites advising on writing style and content for blogs.

    Check this out >

  20. Hot off the press!
    March 21, 2011 Blogging: Comment Baiting
    There are many ways that you can encourage your readers to comment. The way you structure your posts can have the effect of drawing out comments. This can be achieved by using a question in the title and/or question(s) at the end of the posts as well. You can also make reference to being interested in hearing reader feedback in the body of the post. Learn even more about comment baiting by reading my post.

  21. Loved the tips and must try them on my other blog - if I even find enough time to devote to it!

  22. @teamoyeniyi
    Thank you for the positive feedback. :)

  23. Sometimes I'm just too busy to drop a comment, and with my blog, I don't really expect readers to comment on it, after all, those articles are just crazy thoughts...

  24. Is comment happy.

  25. @laaventura: Good for you. Your blog is so carefree. Real pick me up on a Sunday afternoon.

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