What’s with pages?

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    For a few weeks I’ve been adding pages rather than adding to my front page and with each new page the hits have plummeted from a pleasing [to such a humble blogger as I am] 40 down to zippo and yet I’ve been sure my blog is good [she flutters her eyelashes] My latest “page” WP decided should not be separate as I had intended but should go to the front page, the first add to that page since the 10th and totally disorganising my bloggie blog-she is not complaining too much-but suddenly the stats have come back to life and today will certainly be my best ever for hits.
    Due to the Venerable Bede? who is the subject matter? I don’t think so.
    I like WP VERY much yet thre do seem to be some vagaries.



    Welcome to the Blogosphere. It’s not the Pageosphere.

    Post. Don’t make pages.



    yah I see now, never mind, thanx

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