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What's with the image compression?

  1. I can FULLY understand why some image compression takes place when uploading a custom image header, but it is extremely annoying for an image to be so compressed that even block colour is distorted some.

    I've tried .jpg, .gif and .png and all 3 suffer from the compression.

    Is there any way to get a clearer image?

    Thanks (:

  2. Using my firefox browser I see only 1 image on your site - your header (a tag that you should include in the forum post). IMO it's as clear an image as you are going to get.

    There is another recent thread on this in the forum search box. Unfortunately it did not have a descriptive title like
    header image - size reduction - compression
    and I can't remember the title it had.

  3. use photoshop
    when saving you can select how compress u want it to be
    but the 1 image is clear enuf anyhow

  4. @ampin
    There is a wordpress compression that occurs in images in headers, regardless of your advice. I cannot find the appropriate thread from b3nny in the forum search box. If I could then you would both see that where Matt addressed this just a couple of days ago. The reason I can't find the thread because the thread in question had a non-specific non-descriptive title just like this one ...


    header - image compression - does anyone remember the thread I'm referring to?

  5. Here is previous thread

  6. i dont understand what ure saying lol

  7. Folks, the issue is with wordpress. Please see the previous thread as per shash's post.

  8. @shashiingal
    Thank you so much for finding the thread ^ tu, tt

  9. bump to podz

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