What's with the "Modern" dashboard?

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    Just noticed today that there is a stripped-down dashboard that appears if I turn off the “Classic” dashboard. This is the one that has a URL like http://en.wordpress.com/my-blogs/xxxxxx/posts/

    I sure hope this is not going to become the default dashboard. It is so stripped-down it is comical. Where are the comments? Categories & tags? Settings? If one wants their blog to be a simple regurgitation à la Tumblr, well this might be just fine. But I (and I would suspect millions like me) use WordPress because it is so flexible and powerful.

    What do others think of this “modern” dashboard?

    The blog I need help with is adrienneadams.wordpress.com.



    Thanks for whatever it is you did. Things are easier, BUT, I can no longer access my dashboard menu. It’s just no longer there. What’s up with that?
    The blogs I need help with are: jemimahsummers.wordpress.com



    Please stop dragging every thread on this issue out of the searchbox and posting the same copy and paste into it. It’s not in anyone’s best interest to do that. Post once into a single thread on any given issue please.

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