What’s With The Snail’s Pace?

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    What is UP with this– editing a post is like dial up only worse- I could nearly read War and Peace and get half way through Gone With The Wind before each and every minor change… Okay- I exaggerate- but it is ridiculous! I’ve rebooted, emptied all things emptiable, defragged, cursed and prayed…anyone know what’s up??

    Second- and just as frustrating- I can’t properly space in ‘visual’–must use HTML– a snag? a glitch? My site is excessively bare and modest, not like there’s much to it–

    HELP! Up all night and frustrated! If the editing didn’t take so long, it would be two hours ago :)

    Thanks all, for any suggestions or insight.

    The blog I need help with is happypenguinkidswear.wordpress.com.



    OS and version?

    Browser and version?

    Tried other browsers?


    Hi Kat– XP & IE- thing is, same as it’s ever been. About a week ago, I was doing some updating on WP and noticed it for the first time. Before that, no problem. Something has changed. Did a complete virus scan and all read okay (really thought I had a problem based on speed)– but none of my other sites are taking more time than usual…


    Oh, no, to answer– have not tried any other browsers. I’m not savvy AT ALL and not sure I could get things back to how I like them…so I haven’t fiddled that way…

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