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What's Wrong With My Blog?

  1. My blog is new and I've only recently had the guts to start changing the appearance around. I think I've gone a little widget crazy. I try to be selective but maybe there's something I should leave out? Or maybe a different theme would arrange them in a less cluttered way, maybe with a footer in addition to sidebars?

    Also, should I be using a "Read more of this post..." option?

    Thanks for taking a look.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. yourdailybailey

    I am normally of the opinion that less is more, however for some reason all the extra stuff on your page doesn't bother me and it doesn't appear too cluttered. Maybe because the entries are in the middle of the page and still appear to be the center of focus when I look at the page.

  3. Perhaps increasing the size of the center column?

    Besides some oriental cultures, it's pretty common for us to look from left to right, we read that way, we even see photographies that way, from left to right. So when using 3 columns i'd always opt for

    Content - Widgets - Widgets

    Content is the priority and it must be the first thing your reader will see in your page.

    So this is my advice.

  4. yourdailybailey

    See I'm the opposite of bulletballet. I don't think I would like Content - Widgets - Widgets. But then again, I'm such a mathematically minded person that I naturally prefer things to be symmetrical.

    In terms of where my focus goes first, yea if it was just a giant wall of text, my focus would go from left to right first. However when you have something like a webpage, my my focus always goes straight to the the center (and THEN I look at the stuff around it) unless something else extremely bold is directing my attention elsewhere.

  5. @bulletballet

    Perhaps increasing the size of the center column?

    Are you aware of these restrictions on free hosted blogs?
    We cannot edit either templates or themes on this mutliuser blogging platform. The OP momsfog does not have either CSS editing experience or the annually renewable paid CSS editing upgrade. So she cannot make the center column wider.

  6. I'n not a fan of footers (even though my theme has them) I'm not how many people actually scroll down that far!

    I'm a Column, widget person myself, but that is just my personal preference.

    I'd suggest you just try different themes. Make sure before you activate a different theme that you move your widgets to the "Inactive widgets" bit so they keep your settings, then move them back.

    I tried several before I got what I was happy with.

    Also the more items on your home page slows downt he load time and TT has some great hints on that too.

    I like yours as it is, actually - although yes, possibly that theme is a little narrow when you include images.

  7. @yourdailybaily Nice to meet a fellow symmetrical person. I actually go so far as to arrange my widgets so that they are as close to the same length on each side as possible. I do wish the center column could be wider because I really do like the 3 column layout. I could look for other 3 column themes and try those.

  8. maxoverdriveuk

    Nah the blog layout is fine. I prefer the two column layout to devote more space to the blog body but thats just my own preference. :D

  9. It's that darn tag cloud, I think. It's so busy. Is it really necessary to have a categories menu and a tag cloud? Maybe I nix the tag cloud and do a full menu of categories?

  10. I changed themes. It's similar but the content area is bigger so the images look more proportionate. This better?

  11. Yep! I like it!

    I got rid of the Category cloud and kept the Tag cloud on mine - but I agree, I've often throught it would be good if we could reduce the tag cloud a bit. Many of the other widegts have a number you can set (e.g. the Links widget or Recent Posts widget) so perhaps they could do a similar thing with the Tag widget.

    I'm very conscious of TimeThief's reminder that noy all readers have wide screens, and while your theme looks GREAT on my screen - I'm not sure how it would look on a 15" monitor?

  12. Oooh. I never thought about the widescreen thing. That would make a difference.

    Anyone out there without a wide screen? What do you think?

    The tag cloud is problematic. Maybe it could be limited to a certain number of most used? But that's really the purpose of categories isn't it? I do understand the concept of having them all since one particular tag might catch someone's eye and encourage them to stay and read a while.

  13. Well, there are not many people in the Categories (as I think of categories) which for me are Partner Visa, MRT Appeal, Family.

    But the tags might, as you say, catch someone's eye, that is why I leave them up there.

  14. I meant not many blog in my categoies....

  15. I use categories a little differently right now. As time goes on, I will have to condense.

  16. yourdailybailey

    I'm pretty new to wordpress but the way I interpret the whole tags vs categories is pretty much how you have them titled on your blog.

    Categories are used to organize all your blog entries. They are your "subjects." Like for example with my blog, if someone came to it, and ONLY wanted to read about my Foster Dogs, they could click the foster tag, and then they wouldn't have to see all my posts about my 365. Pretty much it is strictly an organizational tool for your blog.

    Tags work in a similar way as when you click on a tag in the tag cloud, it is going to bring you to all the entries about that tag. However I don't really view it for that purpose. I view it as a way to connect to other bloggers who write about the same things. When you click the tag in the actual entry, it will bring you to other wordpress sites which also used the same tag.

    So I view the categories more as organizing my own blog and I view the tags as something I can fill out and maybe other bloggers will find me that way and like what they see. That is my interpretation between the two.

    Also in terms of problematic tag clouds, my main issue is that it should take into account the column size when re-sizing the font size of certain tags. I had to move mine from my sidebar to the footer because the most common tags were getting cut off on the side because the fonts were too big.

    Also in terms of smaller monitors, I am on a 13 in macbook and your layout looks fine to me.

  17. That's great news Bailey about the monitor size! We can all send you display checking requests! LOL

    My screen is 23" I think, so hard for me to judge!

  18. @Bailey Good explanation on tags vs. categories. Thanks for the help with screen size. You're dog is precious!

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