What's Wrong With My Sharing Options?

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    When using wordpress to post it doesn’t share like it’s supposed to. I have my sharing options setup to share with all my linked social media accounts, yet when I post new things through the dashboard or through Windows Live Writer, neither shares like it is setup to do. The only time I can ever get a post to share publicly with my linked accounts is when I use my ‘Press This’ bookmarklet and that’s the only time. Why does it keep doing it even though during the creating process I check and my sharing options are checked? It’s getting to where I can’t post anything unless going through my ‘Press This’ bookmarklet, which inhibits me from uploading images to a post from my own hard drive that I have saved. So I need some help or something done to fix this please.

    The blog I need help with is unctarheel4ever.wordpress.com.



    I see nothing wrong with your Share buttons. Do you mean Publicize?


    Yes, that’s what I was trying to say but I could never remember the exact word used for it in the post process. It’s the Publicize that I’m having the issue with, even though I have my accounts linked and connected, and I even double check them when creating a post. Like I said in my original message, the only time it does Publicize is when I use the ‘Press This’ bookmarklet. When I go through my dashboard or through my Windows Live Writer, it never Publicizes those posts and I can’t figure out why. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Hi there!

    Admittedly, the Publicize feature does not work well with Windows Live Writer (WLW). As the software is developed by Microsoft and hasn’t been updated in a while, it’s tough to determine when this can be fixed.


    Right now, the only way for Publicize to work in WLW is to schedule your posts. You may also save them as a draft and publish them from your admin panel.


    Let me know if you need further assistance. Thank you!


    Okay, Thanks. That helps with Windows Live Writer, which I may just use to do drafts with and then save them to work on once I’m online. Now what about when I go straight through my Dashboard to create a ‘New Post’, it doesn’t Publicize my posts when done this way either. It’s strange that the only time Publicize works is when I use the ‘Press This’ bookmarklet, and not even from my Dashboard. Any advice you can give on that issue?



    Hi there!

    Can you point me to a post that you created via the admin panel that didn’t publicize properly?


    I can’t even remember specific ones, since I’ve pretty much settled on it not working & I’ve just been using my Press This option lately, with it being such a problem. I do, however, try it once a week to see if it’s changed & even double-check the Publicize function while using my Dashboard, & even though it always shows Shared, it just never does it from that way. I really wish I could remember which ones I tried it on so I could point them out to you, because you have already been a big help. I apologize that I just can’t recall specific ones.



    Hey there!

    After further investigation, I found out that the Publicize function for Facebook failed quite a few times because you had changed your Facebook password. This can be easily resolved by disconnecting and reconnecting Facebook to your blog account, which I can see that you’ve already done. Can you please create a new blog post via admin panel and test if it’s now working? Let me know what happens. Thanks!


    Okay, I just created a post using a video from WFMY News2 at: http://unctarheel4ever.wordpress.com/2014/07/19/veterans-wall-of-honor-at-dixie-classic-fair/; I even went through the Publicize options & checked each of my connected accounts & it still didn’t Publicize to any of my linked accounts. If you can help with this, I would be indebted to you for all your help. Thanks for all the help you have already offered, I am grateful for it all!



    Hello again!

    Sorry to hear that. Did you by any chance publish the post via the WordPress.com post editor found here? We are currently working on improving that editor and working out issues.

    For now I would suggest posting straight from your blog dashboard instead:


    Let me know if this remains a problem. Thank you!



    Posting from the dashboard is going to be more effective anyway: FB downgrades autoposted material, showing it to fewer people.


    No I don’t use that WordPress.com post editor, I always go through my Dashboard. That’s what I am having the issue with. Anytime I go through my Dashboard, it will not Publicize any of my posts I do through it.



    Hi there!

    To further investigate this, would it be okay for me to go in and conduct some tests on your blog by publishing a few test posts? Let me know. Thanks!

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