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What's wrong with support?! (my blog has been suspended)

  1. Hello all and dear support,

    Yesterday, I visit, as usual, and want to enter in to my account. But suddenly I see the warning: "You password is incorrect, try again." I try again, enter the data more carefully and then click "log in", but the password proved wrong once again. I am alerted... I restored my password and think that I was hacked(((( When I finally log in to my account, I found that my best blog ( has been deleted!! I was in shock!! I wrote to support immediately. I ask support for help to restore the data and I want to know who can change the password. After that I try to enter url address of my blog and see that my blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service. A very long time ago I had a violation of Terms of Service, but I removed all the material that I used illegally from my blog pages, and never used it!!

    I have 3 questions:
    - Why my blog has been suspended?
    - Who change my password (password was really strong)?
    - And why wordpress' support ignoring my letters (I have already written 3 letters)?

    [title edited for clarity - hanni]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You will have to address these questions to staff via email or the Contact Support button. None of the volunteers in the forum can help you.

  3. 2 raincoaster: I have already written 3 letters and didn't received not one reply!!

  4. None of the volunteers in the forum can help you.

  5. But I think support drew attention to my requests!!

  6. What?

  7. WordPress support ignoring my letters! And I want to attract their attention!!

  8. Posting in the forum's not going to attract their attention. The forums are almost entirely staffed by volunteers.

  9. 2 raincoaster: Do you know any direct e-mail address of wordpress staff?! I simply want to get answers on my questions!!

  10. Hey, raincoaster?!?!

  11. Sorry, I know, you don't help me in this situation(((

  12. Andrew, we've seen your tickets. Please be patient - we are looking at it.

  13. Thanks Hanni, I already lost all hope!!

  14. "- Why my blog has been suspended?"

    Someone complained that you were taking their content. I have images, I have text that has been run through some sort of interpreter. I am satisfied that the content was copied. If you wish to discuss this further here we can do that. If you would prefer to discuss this privately please contact Support and be polite. Polite is good.

  15. Thanks Mark =) I want to discuss it!! I will write a letter to the support and hope that I will get an answer!!

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