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What's wrong with the "top posts and pages" feature?

  1. belladonichaze

    It's just showing my gravatar on all tiles. What's the deal?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. belladonichaze

    I removed the widget completely because it looks ridiculous. If WP is having issues, and it will be fixed soon, please let me know.

  3. There is no issue with that widget on my blogs and I checked yours but there was no widget for me to view.

  4. belladonichaze

    I will put it back up so that you can have a look. Give me 60 seconds, please.

  5. belladonichaze

    Look on the 'Blog Posts' page. You will see what I am referencing.

  6. I'm sorry but I don't have time to click in 3 times again for nothing. I'm logging out soon so another Volunteer will assist you.

  7. I am reporting the same problem.

  8. belladonichaze

    Click in again for nothing? I just re-posted it for you. about impatient!

  9. @ismailimail
    I'm multitasking from work and working on 3 different computers. I have tagged this thread for Staff report. Please be patient while waiting.

  10. P.S. The widgets have disappeared from my blogs now too and that likely means Staff are working on it.

  11. onionsaregross

    I am having the same issues. Switched to text version of the widget for the time being, but I would much rather have my pictures back.

  12. belladonichaze
    Member others are having the same issue.

  13. @onionsaregross
    Thanks so much for posting into the same thread rather than starting a new thread. Staring a new thread on issues like this can lead to falling between the cracks. It's also noteworthy that the order Staff deal with threads tagged for their attention is by dealing with the threads that have the earliest date-stamps and timestamps first, and this is the first thread posted on this issue. Please be patient while waiting.

  14. onionsaregross

    @timethief, no problem, thanks for the feedback.

  15. I am experiencing the gravatar issue as well for "top posts - image grid." I logged this issue on another thread but want it to be documented here as well. looking forward to resolution.

  16. @bobbijeanewing
    The other thread will closed so it's wise that you followed my instructions there and posted here.

  17. I have the same issue with gravatar images in the widget: Top posts and pages. I checked someone else also using nishita, same issue.
    This is on Purple Shoe Photography wp blog.
    Theme: Nishita
    Firefox version: 18.0.2

  18. I'm experiencing the same issue -- top posts and pages widget set to an image grid of 10 and ordered by views is displaying gravatar for each image in the grid. My blog uses the Twenty Ten theme.

    Please let me know if I can provide any further info that might be helpful in resolving the issue. Thanks for looking at this!

  19. It's been four plus hours. Is it too much to ask if Happiness Engineers could at least provide us with ETA, if not an explanation of whether it has been a system wide-malfunction or a result of some testing/upgrade?

  20. I also have the same issue at I am using Standard Theme.

  21. I am having the same issue on my blog Top post and pages widget is only showing my gravatar image and not the image of the post! Thanks :)

  22. Same for me. My theme is MistyLook.

  23. Dear WordPress Staff, what is the update on this?

  24. Hello. First of all please forgive for my bad english.

    I have an issue since yesterday with my top posts and pages thumbnail preview in the sidebar. The problem occured from nothing, just refreshed my blog and that happened. Excuse me if my topic is not posted in the proper section. Here's an image of the problem:

    The blog I need help with is

  25. My theme is Fusion and i have the same issue as the others it shows my gravatar, not the small version of the picture in my article.

  26. I simply removed the Top Posts and Pages widget from my blogs and prepared myself to patiently wait for Staff to repair the widgets. My thinking is that as the Top Posts & Pages on my blog draw traffic from search engines and referrals from other bloggers this is not an urgent matter and I'm choosing not to stress out over it.

    If I were terribly concerned about it I would go to my stats page locate the data there and place links to the Top Posts & pages in a Text widget in my sidebar as a temporary fix.

  27. I see. I hope the wordpress support is alerted and working to fix this bug. :)

  28. Staff monitor threads and are always aware of what's going on. We bloggers have only a teeny tiny window on how much work is on their plate, what the nature of the work is , how many it affects and which are the priority issues that must be addressed first.

    The fact this widget is not displaying in no way diminishes our ability to blog. It i9jn n o way affects the traffic flow into our blogs. There is a workaround that I described here that we can use temporarily.

  29. farawaypeachgarden

    The Image Grid of my Top Posts $ Pages are showing stuff non related in the past few days. What's wrong? It looks awful!

    The blog I need help with is

  30. This error occurs not only in this widget.

    It occurs in the widget, which shows the articles which I like, too. (sorry, I describe, because I don't know how this widget is titled in English).

    Same effect: the widget doesn't show a thumbnail of a picture from within the linked article, it shows the gavatar of the article's author.

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