What's wrong with the "top posts and pages" feature?

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    I am having the same issue on my blog http://www.foodandtools.com Top post and pages widget is only showing my gravatar image and not the image of the post! Thanks :)



    Same for me. My theme is MistyLook.



    Dear WordPress Staff, what is the update on this?



    Hello. First of all please forgive for my bad english.

    I have an issue since yesterday with my top posts and pages thumbnail preview in the sidebar. The problem occured from nothing, just refreshed my blog and that happened. Excuse me if my topic is not posted in the proper section. Here’s an image of the problem:


    The blog I need help with is alterinformation.wordpress.com.



    My theme is Fusion and i have the same issue as the others it shows my gravatar, not the small version of the picture in my article.



    I simply removed the Top Posts and Pages widget from my blogs and prepared myself to patiently wait for Staff to repair the widgets. My thinking is that as the Top Posts & Pages on my blog draw traffic from search engines and referrals from other bloggers this is not an urgent matter and I’m choosing not to stress out over it.

    If I were terribly concerned about it I would go to my stats page locate the data there and place links to the Top Posts & pages in a Text widget in my sidebar as a temporary fix.



    I see. I hope the wordpress support is alerted and working to fix this bug. :)



    Staff monitor threads and are always aware of what’s going on. We bloggers have only a teeny tiny window on how much work is on their plate, what the nature of the work is , how many it affects and which are the priority issues that must be addressed first.

    The fact this widget is not displaying in no way diminishes our ability to blog. It i9jn n o way affects the traffic flow into our blogs. There is a workaround that I described here https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/whats-wrong-with-the-top-posts-and-pages-feature?replies=27#post-1147891 that we can use temporarily.


    The Image Grid of my Top Posts $ Pages are showing stuff non related in the past few days. What’s wrong? It looks awful!

    The blog I need help with is farawaypeachgarden.wordpress.com.



    This error occurs not only in this widget.

    It occurs in the widget, which shows the articles which I like, too. (sorry, I describe, because I don’t know how this widget is titled in English).

    Same effect: the widget doesn’t show a thumbnail of a picture from within the linked article, it shows the gavatar of the article’s author.



    Have you tried this temporary workaround?
    1. Remove the widget that isn’t functioning properly.
    2. Go to your stats page and locating the links to the top posts and pages on your blog.
    3. Enter those links into a text widget.
    4. Display the text widget in your sidebar.


    I’m experiencing the same issue. My own gravatar is being displayed in the grid view rather than the images of my posts.



    i started having the same problem about a week ago. kinda random and is most likely a bug in the widget. im glad im not the only person with the issue, which usually means WP is aware of it and should fix it soon…. ;)



    with all due respect, your “workaround” I can simply be achieved by changing the option in the widget to display a list, which it does fine, The issue is that if changed to image list or image grid, it displays my gravatar, or what apparently may simply be the authors gravatar, and not the image inserted in the post itself.



    Thanks so much for that update. I didn’t try that myself. I simply pulled the widget out of the sidebars of my blogs.


    you’re welcome timethief.

    I can’t say that I’ve experienced the “randomness” that gdiaz117 has, and if it has been going on as long as their post implies, I’m wondering just how much of a “glitch” it really is.


    Having the same problem on my blog http://fromthepagesofhistory.wordpress.com/. I changed to text list temporarily.



    Hi all, I’m joining the forum with the same issue over at 360tree.wordpress.com.

    (My Top Posts widget on Vintage Camera is suddenly only reflecting the same image – my blog icon – instead of the relevant image for that post)


    Best workaround in my opinion? Just remove the widget until WP fixes it. ;-)



    Thanks for the feedback Belladonichaze – I’ve changed to text list and will perhaps just remove the Posts I Like widget until they fix the bug… have a great weekend :)

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