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What's wrong with the "top posts and pages" feature?

  1. Have you tried this temporary workaround?
    1. Remove the widget that isn't functioning properly.
    2. Go to your stats page and locating the links to the top posts and pages on your blog.
    3. Enter those links into a text widget.
    4. Display the text widget in your sidebar.

  2. I'm experiencing the same issue. My own gravatar is being displayed in the grid view rather than the images of my posts.

  3. i started having the same problem about a week ago. kinda random and is most likely a bug in the widget. im glad im not the only person with the issue, which usually means WP is aware of it and should fix it soon.... ;)

  4. @timethief

    with all due respect, your "workaround" I can simply be achieved by changing the option in the widget to display a list, which it does fine, The issue is that if changed to image list or image grid, it displays my gravatar, or what apparently may simply be the authors gravatar, and not the image inserted in the post itself.

  5. @charlzcoakley
    Thanks so much for that update. I didn't try that myself. I simply pulled the widget out of the sidebars of my blogs.

  6. you're welcome timethief.

    I can't say that I've experienced the "randomness" that gdiaz117 has, and if it has been going on as long as their post implies, I'm wondering just how much of a "glitch" it really is.

  7. starshining4ever

    Having the same problem on my blog I changed to text list temporarily.

  8. Hi all, I'm joining the forum with the same issue over at

    (My Top Posts widget on Vintage Camera is suddenly only reflecting the same image - my blog icon - instead of the relevant image for that post)

  9. belladonichaze

    Best workaround in my opinion? Just remove the widget until WP fixes it. ;-)

  10. Thanks for the feedback Belladonichaze - I've changed to text list and will perhaps just remove the Posts I Like widget until they fix the bug... have a great weekend :)

  11. belladonichaze

    Ditto ;-)

  12. sequinsandcherryblossom

    I'm having the same problem at so I've switched to text list until it's fixed.

  13. Everyone: This thread has been flagged for staff to look at. Unfortunately staff tend not to work on weekends, so you'll probably all have to wait til Monday. Please be patient.

  14. There will be a staff meet-up next week but staff will still be looking in on these forums.

    I've made a sticky-post up top (no need to repost about this issue there because these threads have all been modlooked already: just subscribe so you know when there is a response).

    I've also contacted staff, so we can hope for a fix sooner than later for this problem.

  15. @Tess
    Thanks :)

  16. What can I do: I want to show in my sidebar the top posts as image grid which functioned well until yesterday: suddenly it shows 10 times my blog icon instead of the pictures as before,
    the link to the post still works.
    I changed it for now in\" Text List\" not to have a stupid ten times the same picture.
    Who knows what happened and why, although I didn\'t change my settings?

  17. No, it is not anything you did. And you or I or other volunteers cannot fix it: staff is doing something behind the scenes which we do not have access to. Subscribe to this topic so you will be notified when there is a staff response, be patient, and perhaps make the widget display as just links for a while.

    Display as – Select if you would like to show normal links,

  18. @timethief
    I have been in and out so have not really been on top to this issue. I think (hope) the problem will be addressed soon.

  19. michaelpiggott

    Hiya, I am also having the same issue. My blog uses the 'fresh and clean' theme. Blog is here:


  20. Hello,

    I am reporting the same problem. My blog uses the "Oxygen" theme.

    Blog is there :


  21. Please note: Staff has been alerted to the problem. But it is the weekend! See the sticky note on top of the forums: Staff will be working on this mess ASAP! Subscribe to the thread(s) so you will be notified when this is fixed.

  22. taliamarcheggiani

    Same problem. I thought I was going crazy and then I found this forum. For the time being I've changed the Featured Image on all my top posts (a fairly time-consuming task) just to keep the look of my home page the same. The only part that sucks is that now the featured image glares at you as a header when you click on each link. I'll be happy when they fix this issue...

  23. Same problem since yesterday on my blog - top posts list showing only my gravatar instead of individual post images. I've changed it to a text list for the moment as Timethief suggested, but please, Support, fix it asap - images are a big part of my blog! Thanks!

  24. @Tess
    Thanks for the sticky post. There appear to be other image related issues that may be related to this one as well. Hopefully, they have all been tagged.

  25. Just to add to @timethief's comment - the automatic wordpress to Facebook post has the same issue. Instead of relevant post image, it is posting the blog icon.

  26. softbodysweethearts

    Having the same problem with Top Posts and Pages as well as my Facebook sharing.

  27. redqueenmusings

    Yes same here...........

  28. belladonichaze
    Member the widget still out of order?

  29. Yes. It is still not working, still out of order.

    Staff is aware of the problem, but so far it is not functioning as designed. The only thing we volunteers can say is to be patient.

  30. belladonichaze

    Thanks for the update.

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