What’s wrong with WordPress this time?

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    OK, I’m trying to edit a page in the above blog. But…IE keeps sending me a message that there’s a problem, and that if I continute to run the script, my computer may shut down. I keep getting this message while in edit, over and over again, and it’s scaring the hell out of me.

    WordPress is slow and clunky, and I have learned to live with that, but it also has its share of bugs, pretty regularly, more so than any other blog site I’ve ever used, and I’ve been blogging on half a dozen sites since 2006.

    What’s going on with IE and scripts on WordPress???

    I also tried to do a search while on the 24/7 support page, and IE shut me down, because your page, more than usual, was unresponsive.

    Does wordpress have a bug? Is it a virus? Why am I getting a script error message that says it’s going to slow down my computer and make it stop working?

    Is WordPress SAFE? Or am I going to have to dump everything???

    The blog I need help with is davidtennantsdoctor.wordpress.com.



    “The above blog”

    Which blog is that? The site linked to your name is a Blogspot blog and we can’t help with that.

    Have you reviewed the thread from 11 months ago, where you posted something similar? There were several solutions posted there:



    Sorry, it asks for my blog when I post, I assumed it would show up.

    It’s: http://www.davidtennantsdoctor.wordpress.com

    I get a slow script error message from IE

    AND, your site will not show any edit changes! I want to change one thing on the page, and I do…but when I hit “UPDATE,” the page just sits there until I get the error message, and won’t move until I click on “Yes” on the error message. Then, it REFUSES to update my changes! The page is published without the changes.

    Frustrating! If I can’t edit on WordPress, WP has become pretty much worthless to me.



    Thanks. We always need that to determine if you’re WP.com or WP.org.

    Have you read through the solutions in that thread? Particularly relating to Gears. Also: Try the Cookie Dance: Log out and clear your cache and cookies, then do a full restart.

    And don’t use IE6, whatever you do: upgrade in the name of all that is holy if that’s what you’re using.

    And make sure that you’ve updated Flash, sometimes that has something to do with it.


    Thanks for responding, I think you are a nice person.


    I’m techologically challenged. I have no idea what you’re talking about. What the heck are “Gears???????????????

    I use IE 7 and have never had this error message before. I ONLY got this error message while trying to edit your blog.

    I thank you for your time, but this has been not at all helpful for me. I still CANNOT EDIT on the blog.

    So, I hate to do it, but I am going to have to transfer my wordpress blogs to blogger. That’s a shame. Too bad WordPress won’t fix their site so it runs properly.



    IMO you may be overreacting because the problem you are experiencing can probably be easily rectified.

    1. We cannot provide specific help with a wordpress.com blog when you have not provided the URL for the blog in question. Please post the URL starting with http://

    When you do we can use ismyblogworking.com to help diagnose the problem.

    2. You could have a browser caching issue that can be easily rectified by clearing your browser cache and cookies and then logging in again. See here for video instructions for Internet Explorer > http://www.google.com/support/accounts/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=32050

    3. IE7 is an outdated browser version. You can update it here > http://www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-explorer/default.aspx

    4. How are you connecting to the internet and to wordpress.com? (dial up, broadband, mobile, satellite?) The problem could be anywhere along that line of hops required to connect.

    5. On your wordpress.com Dashboard in the top right hand corner you will find a “Turbo” button that raincoaster referred to. Click it, read and act on the information provided.

    Turbo: Speed up WordPress
    WordPress now has support for Google Gears, which adds new features to your web browser. After you install and enable Gears, most of WordPress’ images, scripts, and CSS files will be stored locally on your computer. This speeds up page load time. More information… http://gears.google.com/

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