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Whats you Best PC Game played for 2012?

  1. For PC Games Fanatic, Here is the all in one question since the start of this year.

    Whats you Best PC Game played for 2012?

    Though the year is still young but you can give a recap for the past 4 month till now.

    ------------------------------------- - Game Cheats, Trailers, Review and News!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Spamming forums! That is the best game because it gets you reported and banned.

  3. Thats not spam... If you dont have anything to say.. Just blank out
    Wordpress allows for link..

  4. You have spammed a technical support forum. That is not allowed. You have been reported to staff. You will likely be banned from the forum. You may even have your blog shut down.

  5. I see...

    Then I will stop using wordpress...

    There is nothing on spamming related to this on the forum rules

    Maybe its not the right place to ask this question..I guess wordpress has a gaming thread I have seen and responded to.

  6. There might be a gaming thread in the off-topic forum, but in the main forums it can get you banned or suspended. The main forums are for issues related to using and working with

  7. Thanks.. for the information...

    Sorry for spamming here..

  8. I am suppose to post on the wordpress showcase forum..

  9. @mponline247: the Showcase forum is for blogs only, and your blog is not on Please read this thread about how the Showcase forum works.

    With a self-hosted WordPress blog, you'll want to hang out on the different forum. Please also note that starting duplicate threads is considered spamming. I've deleted your other thread. Please don't start duplicate threads again and please visit forums for questions about your blog.

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