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What's you dream job?

  1. If you can choose your job, what would it be? where is you office? what are your tasks?

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    This is a technical support forum and not a chatroom by any stretch of anyone's imagination. I told you that in the first thread you posted but I guess you didn't read it there.

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  3. My job would be to be an Educational Counselor for a High School or a Community College. I would help students with their educational goals to succeed in life.

  4. Mine would be to not have to move forum posts to the proper topic... :D

  5. threestoriestenpoems

    Mine would be to be an online blog writer for The New Yorker and a part time Community College prof. for Creative Writing Classes.

  6. I'm doing it now. I'm the Curator for the Grassy Knoll Institute.

  7. Writing about Sports, which I just started doing.

    My own column for a Newspaper would be very cool.

    I just got a job at the local ballpark so I'm looking forward to that. Better than my last jobs which were at Wal-Mart and in construction.

  8. journalist/photographer/painter. yes that would be awesome!

  9. I would love to be a food critic or inspector. I'm the person who always finds a hair in my food. I've even found a bug in the soy sauce at a Chinese restaurant. What are the chances. I can't tell you how many free meals I've gotten because of things like this. Maybe I just eat at dive restaurants...
    Regardless I'd like to put this talent of seeing tiny things to use. And use my bad luck for good.

  10. Head of visual advertising for the BBC.

  11. Historian, working with the artifacts at the Royal Ontario Museum.

  12. Getting paid for eating brownies

  13. threestoriestenpoems

    @gigsanchez Mmm, I would prefer pound cake and cream cheese icing with some fresh raspberries on the side!

  14. pornstar would be cool (it does!)

  15. @lianamerlo. I like the way you're thinking. Yes, let's turn our misfortune into fortune. Here's what I think I could do with mine: become an airport security mystery shopper.

    As I'm usually the only one stopped at airports, whether with family, friends or other groups, I believe I'm a prime candidate to be a tester for the efficacy of security in airports around the world. I know this is a job where I would excel.

  16. "Airport Security" is a contradiction in terms. You'd have to check every bag that went in cargo and people can hide a plastic explosive inside of a pen. I used to work in the industry. Also, every time someone wants to have a drink with the airline's "clubs," they often wind up on the same elevators as the flight crews do to get to the airplanes; they have access, if they wanted to, to the tarmac and airport operations. The problem isn't just on-board. I think they need someone like you to change the entire system. :-)

  17. Mystery shopper sounds good to me and I would link it to some blogging activity.
    For example, the city of Montreal (where I live) has launched a blogging campaign to attract tourists ( They have hired dynamic bloggers who write about fancy but cheap restaurants, trendy places and hot activities in the city and they aim for international audience. I sent my application but didn't get an interview. I'll probably try agin next year!

    Imagine having to write about how good food was in a restaurant and you get paid for it! I'd probably keep @lianamerlo around though just to avoid hurting my stomach.

  18. @gigisanchez, you are a mine of information. I know my special talents will be of use in some capacity so I will continue to dream. ;-)

    @hibiscusjaune, the blogging campaign in Montreal sounds like a great idea. That could be one of my other dream jobs (I'm greedy, I know). When they get round to doing something similar in London, though it's possible it's already being done somewhere and I've just not heard, I'll put myself up for it. By the way, congrats to your women's hockey team on getting the Olympic gold.

  19. wiredthroughwords

    Novelist. I'm trying. Maybe my novel will get published and I'll get my foot in the door. Who knows? If you don't try you have no chance so I'm going to keep going till I make it.

  20. English high-school teacher... I love to teach and write.

  21. I'd like to be the guy who holds the boom mic on porn sets. Although I think for me that would be a very shaming career, for reasons that might not be obvious at first, although it's always the first thing I think about when watching porn, which is quite disturbing, but anyway.

    My dream job would be writing for a television sitcom during the day, and fighting crime in my underpants at night. At one point in my life when I was really depressed about having absolutely no meaning on this earth (which hasn't much changed since then) I thought it might be best if I just devoted my entire life to training in various types of martial arts and becoming a Batman-esque crime fighter. But then I realized I was five foot six with no athletic ability and even less of a work ethic, so I just sat on my ass for the next four years.

  22. My dream job would be teaching English, preferably to special needs children. I already assist and I'm enjoying it. :]

  23. Realistically: high school English teacher.
    Semi-realistically: journalist/critic (of movies, music, food, whatever).
    In my dreams: novelist in bathrobe swinging mug of alcohol and banging out nonsense until, TAH-DAH! the great American novel.

  24. I want to become a Politician.. Which will not happen

    Or a journalist.. Which can happen provided I work towards it (But I cant :|).

    Or a Search Engine Consultant for Microsoft FAST.. I'm working towards it..

  25. Get my drawings published.. :x

  26. Stay at home mom. :)

    Until then though, working at a museum with kids.

  27. I would love to be a writer, designer, and musician. It's tough but a lot of fun. Speaking of I have a new post on my design blog come take a look and tell me what you think.

    Watch out for the occasional explosion

  28. I'm working slowly but surely into mine, which is to be a big artist in the music industry. I really want to make some music that is emotion and though provoking rather than a one hit wonder kind of deal. I'm most definitely an Indie artist as of now, but I tend to float towards more of the rock/alternative genre... think like NIN, Evanescence, Staind, influences such as those are the closest I can think of to my personal likes and style...
    I already released my first album, which to be honest, I am not entirely happy with because it doesn't really reflect everything I was trying to convey.... Anywho,
    the links to my official websites and such are on the blog. I'm trying on this site to get a fan base as well so when we release the second album my marketing has a farther reach than just my physical location.

    My second dream job, or more like aspiration is actually to be the founder of an entirely new program that I'm still designing. It's main function is rehabilitation and/or healing program using the Arts as a method of "psychology"
    Mainly I want to focus on children coming from abusive and neglectful homes, to try and reverse the effects of such damages. This is my ultimate goal, but without the above mentioned job, I don't feel I would have every resource or contact that would aid in building this organization.

    Here's to living the dream everyone!

  29. Journalist would be immense seeing as astronaught/pilot has been taken off the list!!

  30. my dream job is short movies director.

    i would have very much enjoyed it

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