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What's you dream job?

  1. When I was young, my dream was to be a sychronised swimmer in the olympics. Thankfully I outgrew that, and am training for the bobsled team.

    All lies. I dream to write. That simple, and maybe win a gold medal or two...?

  2. It would be awesome to be a game-tester if you got paid well for it. You could play all the games that arn't in stores yet and write reviews :)

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  3. Personally, my dream job would be a pediatric surgeon traveling the world helping out children all over.

    Realistically, I am applying to dental school next year (cross your fingers and hope I get in!) Then after that oral surgery if they'll have me, or pediatric dentist.

    Then maybe if neither one of those fall through, my mom really wants me to go into writing. Novels. She is thinking non-fiction since we both know I'm not creative enough to write fiction, although I'd like to try.

  4. dreamlivedream

    @binny922 I need a root canal. Can you help? Surely you can figure it out from the txt books?

  5. My dream job would be a physicians assistant in peds, i would be checking patients in like any normal doctor and hand out medicine as well, i will work hopefully where they need me, but i really want to work at kaiser

  6. Ever since I reached puberty, I wanted to be a wardrobe assistant to Swedish lingerie model. You know, the guy who helps them change outfits during a lingerie fashion show.

    For some reason, my dream never materialized. So now I am stuck being a mall cop. There's very little opportunity for me to meet Swedish lingerie models right now so I don't see my dream job coming anytime soon. You can read about my hilarious misadventures on my blog.

    Well, one has to be realistic, so if I can't be a wardrobe assistant to Swedish lingerie models, I would love to work in a bookstore. I used to work at a large chain bookstore but they treated us badly. So even though I really really wanted to work in a book environment, I had to go.

    So stuck being a pompous little mall cop. That is, until my book (about my mall cop adventures) starts selling, then I would have fulfilled my other dream of becoming a writer.

    By: A Mall Cop Dreaming of Swedish Lingerie Models Hanging Out In Bookstores Waiting To Buy His Books

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