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What's Your Blog About?

  1. My blog “Doc Halloween Presents:” is a potpourri of what ever comes to my mind when I decide to write. Basically it is my hobbies, likes & dislikes, and a bit of sharing about me. Come on over and have a little fun @ and give my site a little peak. You never know what you will find.

  2. My blog is about Baby Boomers, Middle-Age madness, and anything else I can think of or about. I try to keep it humorous, but you'll find some heavy stuff from time to time. Please check it out when you can.

  3. I don't have a clue what my blog is about. I mix a little bit of everything that is in my head and hit submit and hope people will read and like it. Check it out if you like.

  4. My blog is fairly random. I write about what I see/read/hear in the news, tv/music/film, what I observe in other people and situations and what happens in my own life. I move from the serious to the ridiculous, mostly the ridiculous, actually, with a dash of humour, because it's all stuff and nonsense anyway.

  5. I blog about my fav football team... Manchester United. :)

  6. I blog about Jason. No, not the killer. Me. I have some jokes that you might enjoy, especially if you are into anything. That's right, if you have any specific interests, you will find my blog humorous and entertaining. Thank you for the time, hope to see you soon.

  7. My blog is basically me laughing at myself as I pretend to be an adult (all the while hoping no one notices I have no idea what I'm doing) :-)

  8. Mine's about what I find funny, which is often absurd, sometimes observational humor.

  9. My blog is my journey through self-discovery, along with all my quirky awkwardness.

  10. My blog is mostly about music, records I listen to, musicians I like, my experiences in the world of music, like meeting musicians, seeing concerts. It's a combination of my opinions, quotes, news, photos and it's developing, so there's more to come :)

  11. My blog is a story

    I just write a fantasy story. Nothing of myself.
    Check it out

    Now that I've written this I'll look at other blogs posted here....

  12. Liquor, lust, and primer-gray Camaros set to music.

    Mine is about music and life. Why do we like the music that we like? Because songs remind us of a time, place, event, emotion, person, sensation. Your iPod isn't a music player, it's a time machine. That's why it matters.

    I wish I could sit down with you and talk about your playlist. I'd love to know why you love Gorillaz and Conway Twitty, but I can't so as I write I imagine that you're sitting here with me, poking through my stacks of records and CDs while I tell you the stories behind them.

  13. My blog is called 'Finding 42'.
    42 was the answer to the all questions about life (‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’). But could have well been a mislead. This blog is my way to find the ’42′.
    Chronicles of the experiences that lead me to it. Chronicles of my encounters during my attempts to decode, understand and find the ’42′ that we all incessantly look for.

  14. blackfrangipani

    I design and create fashion jewellery and handbags. I write about the inspirations behind my designs and creations. Do check it out.

  15. signaturealamode

    I am yet another fashion blogger. However, it's done in a self help way. Please visit my blog.

  16. My blog's tagline is "Writing, photography, and life." I usually write about the first two topics, with occasional personal posts, although I don't get into my personal life or politics or religion. Focal Plane was meant to be a creative journal of sorts.

  17. My blog is about travel, life, my work and my experiences, also I host travel and lifestyle videos on there too. I try to keep it fun and interesting at the very least lol.

  18. my blog documents my journey with photography:

  19. My blog is primarily about video games and the culture surrounding it. I'll also blog about pop culture in general. And ninjas. Lots of ninjas. It's really new so there's not much in it. I'll be constantly updating though so check back in a while.

  20. michaeljchicago

    My Devotional Journal (never did like the word "blog") is about the true purpose of life. I challenge everyone to visit and let the Truth speak for itself. Life is hard and often we are faced with situations that often seem impossible to overcome. My journal tackles some of these obstacles and provides positive answers with hope for a better tomorrow.

  21. reflectionsonawastedlife

    I started to blog when recently diagnosed with cancer. More of a therapy for myself, but I'm starting to get quite a readership. I hope my story helps other who find themselves or realtives/friends in the same position

  22. I recently started a blog to create a place where I could write and interact with others in the same position. At the moment my blog is sports base but I hope to have broader issues up soon from politics to book reviews, student experiences to culture
    Would be great if you could pop by and check it out, thanks

  23. My blog is really just about my light- hearted, humorous take on high school. nothind deep, just a few funny observations and a little insight into my personal life

  24. i write about gaming:


  25. myeventfullife

    My blog is about funny/crazy things that happen in day to day life.

  26. mine is about my opinions on what happens to me or others.

  27. I have two blogs.

    one cool site: WordPress blogging tips, tools & tutorials is focused on becoming a better blogger, building a better blog & effective blog promotion.

    this time – this space: skillful means for conscious living is focused on overcoming health challenges through skillful means and living the simple life to the fullest.

  28. My blog is mainly a way for me to reflect upon the experience of being in a fraternity (no, not about sex, drugs, hazing, and alcohol.. but about "fraternity done right." If you're curious by what I mean... click the link ;) ) and how that's helped motivate me to become a better person. I also just use it to vent, comment on things happening in life--on a local, national, or international scale--as well as write video game reviews every so often.

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