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What's Your Favorite Post On Your Blog?

  1. I'm on a forum with a "YeaBlog" thread, which is a lot of fun. It's a great self-promotion tool, AND, even better, it serves as a best-of list for everyone's browsing enjoyment.

    In that spirit, link us to your favorite post on your own blog.

    Mine, from my music blog, is about the evolution of The Black Key's blues/rock sound throughout their career.
    And you?

  2. My next one....

  3. Well, usually my blog is just about horse racing, but to feed the masses I did a personal "100 facts about me" page:

  4. Free advertising? That's great.
    Well it has to be a quick rundown of coming from divorced parents, the misinterpretation of VCRs and how bad the movie Ice Castles was. Robbie Benson in fruit of the looms ... scary.

  5. All of 'em... but if I had to choose, possibly:

  6. Mine (but I'm anxious for comments) is my new poem "come love's tunnel"

  7. Spider - it was one of my first blog posts.

  8. You know, I will have to think about this for a while. There are some I'm proud of--but none that I'd call a favorite. Hmm.

  9. all of them.

  10. NBA Franchises As TV Shows, Redux
    I had a lot of fun making the pictures in that one... and thinking of/writing the bits.

  11. come sweet melancholy

  12. dissfunktional

    this one seems to be the most popular,
    Full Episodes Of Your Favorite Programs

  13. Automatically create email this features for wordpresscom blog posts using the one-click feedburner bookmarklet

    I like it because it showcases the first bookmarklet I ever created!
    And also because it helps bloggers use Feedburner "email a friend" option under blog posts, although the "email this" feedflare is not supported for by feedburner by default! :D

  14. My favorite post is one I wrote about how companies should treat their employees better. I'm no expert on it, but I think I make a pretty convincing argument...check it out!

  15. httt:// of my children

  16. well I just did an article on Anne Frank with links, it's years since I read her diary, but I love her. Also an art: on Lady Jane Grey close call

  17. hansworldtravels

    I'm having problems balancing the inane & stupid with the serious & factual. Seems I battle against those who like to disseminate complete fabrication & lies, and with them I can return the idiocy, to stay at their level, pretty well. In that category, my favorite would be "Vanilla Ice: Where is he now?"

    On the serious side, I am leaning towards "Israel, Iran & US Relations" as it ties nicely to my original theme of Dichotomies.

    Two of my pages I really like their titles, "Quips of Ignorance" & Delusions of Grandeur" and only wish I could blog within the pages to keep them connected, instead of having to post in my "Main" page to draw attention to them. There is no fix in the works on this from wordpress I read :(

    I finally linked my site to my profile, so I don't have to pimp my blog anymore ;)

  18. Decide yourselves for i have no need to tell. Some may fave it and other some may adore it. Click my username up there to get to my blog. Enjoy and leave a comment if you're intrigued!

  19. Love them all but I especially enjoyed writing about a visit to the zoo with my 3 yo nephew. "Quand trois petites souris cachent sangliers, autruche et autre crocodile du Nil". Remembering him joyful, excited, hectic, curious about those lovely critters.. all of that was a treat to lay on paper (electronic, the paper! Wrote in WP-Wordpad first then copied on WP-Wordpress)!
    ... err... it's in French. In English, it would be sthg like "When three mice (manage to) hide boars, oystrich and a Nile crocodile".

  20. mysterycreature1

    I had fun repeatedly returning to my blog about moonwalking birds and fainting goats - it makes me giggle!!

  21. come love's tunnel? Gentledove....oy vey... lol

  22. I think my heavily researched and extensively footnoted post Support Al Kemal, the People's Choice for Mayor of London really made all the difference in the London mayoral race. I mean, what do I care if they elected a Tory? I don't have to live there!

    And Michael Slade's Cowboys and Indians an amusing tale from thriller writer Michael Slade.

  23. My new favorite, finally got some vegemite....

  24. I could never choose one favorite post. That would be like asking me which of my 3 children is my favorite. Everyone knows parents don't have favorites! I love all my posts the same... and I expect them all to go out there in the world and succeed the same!

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