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What's your Halloween costume going to be?

  1. Yes, yes.... I'm a fairly mature woman in her late 30's... but Halloween is still my favorite holiday of all time... (And playing "dress-up" is still loads of fun... even at my age...)

    So... Share the fun by telling everybody what you are going to be when it's time for all the "dress-up" fun this spooky Hallows Eve.

    Me.... I'm going to be doing my own interpretation of the Wuxia movie character the "Bride With White Hair"

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I like Halloween a lot too and where I live people of all ages get into it and dress up. I'm not sure if I will be a Fairy Godmother this year or if I will be the Old Lady in the Shoe.

  3. Halloween is my favorite holiday as well. I love making my own costumes from scratch.

    I was thinking of going as Fox, Falco, or Altair. Or a 90s cartoon character, as that's a common theme of mine. :)

  4. Halloween is my favourite holiday too! Although for the past three years I've missed out on the general dressing-up, drinking and awesomeness because I've been at work... but this year I am determined to get it off! And when that happens, then I'll start planning my costume. Although I was thinking the generic Sally from TNBC costume... but only because I've got some kick-ass shoes to accompany it :D

  5. I dressed up as an army soldier last year (I try and be that every fancy dress as it cost loads to buy and am determined to get as much use as possible out of it.) I had fake blood all over my hands, a bouncer grabbed me and asked what it was thinking I'd been in a fight, I just looked at him, pulled down my shades and said, "Your mum."

    The look on his face was priceless.

  6. I am going to be dressed as the obnoxious kid next door. Its gonna be a winner.

  7. These all sound great! I've always loved Halloween... probably too darn much for any sane adult.

    It's the one time of the year I can dress-up and play like a lil' lid and nobody thinks I'm going totally bonkers.... gotta love that.

  8. I'm thinking this costume.
    Not for the feint of heart.

  9. ^ Ha ha! If you actually end up wearing that, you've gotta take some pics!

  10. LOL! I want it!

  11. That is pretty hilarious!

  12. I'm going to dress up as Hanna Montana. Complete costume including the glittery mic. Trick or Treat!:) woooooo.... get scared! get scaaaaared!!!

  13. I love Halloween!

    I'm going as Patrick Bateman this year. Well ... Patricia Bateman. Doing my own interpretation, anyhow. I know the book isn't horror, exactly, but some of the things it contains are pretty horrific! Who better to go as, I figure? :D

    That, and the fact that I like the idea of nobody really knowing who I am; whipping out business cards with various psychotic phrases scrawled on the back: fun. Reading out excerpts from the story on Halloween to my friends? Even more fun. :D

  14. Probably a commando like my avatar, if there is such a costume.

  15. @Dav, my Brother was a Storm Trooper last year, so I suspect there is... Though I had to go to your site to clearly see the Pic, as on the Forum at first glance I thought it was a Teenage Ninja Turtle, lol

    I myself will likely Dress up like some normal guy, with a bowl of candy in my arms, and a Jack o Lantern outside my door... And at the end of the night, I will have not given out a single piece

    Oh wait, that's me in real life? lol

  16. I've always loved Halloween! Each year, I order different special FX lenses for my costumes, but I think I may step outside of the box this year and do something not so brutal or looking as if I've just popped out of a George A Romero flick.

    I'm so accustomed to off the wall makeup macabre costumes...that nothing else seems worth dressing up as...although, I did dress up as Lenny Kravitz last Halloween for my band's show we put on.

  17. Well depending whether or not I end up being picked [read that hazed] (there is a one in four chance), I will end up being the Great Pumpkin. Otherwise I get to be decked out in my Firefighter gear directing traffic and keeping little kids from being run over. Yay!

  18. devil devil devil! my boyfriend has a red devil pimp outfit too hahah.

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