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What's Your Latest Blog Post About? 2

  1. I'm having a Huge Break out of Thread Reply Gobbling, and so my Last Two Posts didn't show up under Today I Posted... My Replies also haven't worked for a long time on the Original What's Your Latest Blog Post which I started way back, so I thought I'd go ahead and Create this one in Replacement, hope that's alright.

    So here they are

    Captain Fire 197 - Words Can't Say

    Part XVI of my ongoing Sci-Fi Adventure Series, Captain Fire 197


    DarkJade - An Evening With Coldplay

    Thanks guys


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You need to contact WordPress staff really as creating a new topic isn't really solving anything...

  3. And they're just links to posts, not really describing what your post is about :P

  4. @Ard I have contacted them... And, there is only so much that I want to bug them

    I just Posted The Mind Chronicles - Volume Two

    Volume Two of my Post Apocalyptic Tale, The Mind Chronicles


  5. Ah keep bugging them, its what they're there for, it makes more sense than making duplicate threads on the showcase and off topic forums, I shall bug them for you.

  6. Yeah, I didn't make a duplicate Thread on the Showcase Forum... I did a while back when I had the problem, but they asked me to instead just let them know

    The Replacement Threads on the Off Topic Forum have worked fine, as the Original Threads simply Die off

    In all honesty, I'm just a bit frustrated at the moment, as my Main Blog got locked for a day or so recently, and I couldn't Post or Edit... They fixed it, and are always nice to work with... The Frustration came more from not being able to Write on it for 36 hours, sounds crazy, but it's my baby, so to speak... And they fixed it, and my first 6 Thread Replies went straight to Spam, so the combination of the two has simply made it a frustrating couple days

    I'm not frustrated with WordPress, as it's a Free Service, and the People always seem friendly... Just frustrated with it messen with my Writing habits, and now frustrated with it messing with my ability to interact with my Writing Community, which is also very important to me

    Thanks for you concern

    Sadly I am patient with people, but not so patient with myself


  7. You can still write, do it in Word :) you can be frustrated with free services, just because they're free doesnt mean they can be poor quality.

  8. @Ard yeah, actually, I do much of my Actual Writing in Three different Notebooks, and then plug it in, and make changes and or add as I go

    At least with my Creative Writing, Editorials I more or less Wing it, lol

    The other weird thing was I Let them know about the Spam Eating Threads in the Support Forum, and both times the Post Immediately went to CLOSED, and the content of each of them later completely disappeared... So, just kind of a weird week for WordPress, as I haven't had much problems with them... So I just sent in a Message on their Contact Them Thingy

    Hopefully all will be resolved soon


  9. The Dark Globe - Heart Felt... 18 Days Out

    Dark Globe Editorial - Seventh Edition - by DarkJade

    Thanking The Dark Globe Contributors, and Updating where we're at


  10. Forbidden


  11. The Mind Chronicles - Volume Three

    Old Blue Eyes is comen to town in Volume Three of my Post Apocalyptic Tale, The Mind Chronicles


  12. How a guy went to England and tried to repay a bet he made for a pint of beer.

  13. The Dark Globe - Contact... And, Connect

    Human Contact... Human, Connections

    And a bit of SPARTA, lol

    Dark Globe Editorial - Eighth Edition - by DarkJade-


  14. The Mind Chronicles - Volume Four

    Volume Four of my Post Apocalyptic Tale, The Chronicles of The Mind


  15. Forever One

    My latest blog post is just a big thank you letter to you all. La Plume Noire has turned one today!


    Added two links to a podcast that I've recently become a part of.

  17. Brian Eno... An Ambigouen of my Liking

    A Recent Musician I came across


  18. Triumph


  19. I just made the post presenting the wonderful Market square in Helsinki, Finland.

  20. Dark Rider - Fool of Thy Self

    Part XVIII of my ongoing Fantasy, Adventure Series, Dark Rider

    King Wogtay's Defensive Army gathers, as Dark Rider reacquaints himself with Old Friends



    I'm here to help you form better study habits and succeed with minimal effort.

  22. My latest blog post is about my social anxiety

  23. The Dark Globe - Those We've Lost

    Dark Globe Editorial - Ninth Edition - by DarkJade


  24. The Blue Suit

    Sometimes, Wings Just Happen...


  25. dlcsmanagement

  26. Spiral


  27. Defining Moments - Going it Alone (2000)

    Volume Two of my Dark Globe Defining Moments Series - by DarkJade

    Romantic Love can be great... But, it's not all that there is


  28. One Knight (Chapter XI) - Adon

    Sometimes being Mortal... Isn't a good thing

    Chapter XI of my Fantasy Novel, One Knight


  29. The Mind Chronicles - Volume Five

    Volume Five of my Post Apocalyptic Tale, The Chronicles of the Mind

    This time, Not Even Woodland Creatures are safe...


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