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What's Your Latest Blog Post About? 2

  1. Why do authors have to go and ruin excellent stand-alone novels by making a sequel? That's something Hollywood does! Alas, Pauline Gedge either had it planned to make a sequel or caved in to pressure from her hardcore fans to give the tragic lead of the first novel a sickeningly happy ending.

    House of Illusions by Pauline Gedge

  2. Just a small post about Cher, Mitt Romney and transphobia.

  3. An announcement of my upcoming trip to New Zealand.

  4. Mine is about Mothers Day and what I believe to be the best mothers day gift.

  5. Oops, that's what I get for forgetting to switch back to the English keyboard... On the Canadian French keyboard setting, the apostrophe button leads to a different character, which WordPress forums apparently use for quoting, hehe.

  6. Ever wondered why horoscopes exist? Ever thought that they are a bunch of rubbish? Yeah? Ok well head over to my blog to read a cracking rant. If the answer was no, then still head over to start hating on horoscopes, come on I know you want to!
    Check it...

  7. Bad book reviews. Every author, no matter how great or talented will get one during their writing career. So what should authors do when they get a bad review? Well, in my post I tell you some things you need to know about bad reviews and what you should absolutely not ever do, no matter how unfair you think the review is.

    Things Authors Should Know About Bad Reviews

  8. Pandora's Box

    Listen to my latest song. "Pandora's Box" and let me know what you think.

  9. roughseasinthemed

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