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What's Your Latest Blog Post About? 2

  1. The Mind Chronicles (Volume VII) - Visitors

    Sometimes, The Good Guys... Shoot the Good Guys

    Volume VII of my ongoing Post Apocalyptic Tale, The Mind Chronicles


  2. Today I turned 16, I took this opportunity to consider whether turning 16 is as big a deal as it's made out to be, or not...

  3. Filmcraft - The Insider by Michael Mann

    The First of my New Segment Filmcraft, an at close look at Film Makers that I admire

    by DarkJade

  4. phoenixtearsheal

  5. Featured Poetry From The Crew - Winter, Lust, and Wonder

    The Dark Globes Featured Work from a Crew Member, in this case me... My First Two Edited Poems for my Poetry Book that I may be Self Publishing in the Future


  6. To The Castle

    My latest post is about becoming a tourist. A visit to a famous English Castle.

  7. Latest blog post about the falling snow on your own blog! And asking why I'm not feeling Christmassy-have I grown out of Christmas? Surely not, oh I hope not!
    Check it out, thanks -

  8. My latest post is a random piece I drew while trying to blow off steam

  9. Summer Lovin'

    Five things that I love most about summer :]

  10. I'm looking for people who may be interested in doing a guest post on my blog so check it out :)!

  11. The Mind Chronicles (Volume VIII) - Chillen With The Mind

    Plot... Apologies... Wet Nakedness

    Volume VII of my ongoing Post Apocalyptic Tale, The Mind Chronicles


  12. *Volume VIII

  13. Mines is about taking the road less traveled

  14. The Dark Globe - Green Lantern... In Review

    A Dark Globe Review of the Recent Film, Green Lantern

    by DarkJade

  15. my favorite crazy films. ..well, some of them anyway. :)

  16. Captain Fire 197 - Clean Slate

    It's when things calm down... That you should start to worry

    Part XIX of my ongoing Sci-Fi Adventure Series, Captain Fire 197


    Racism is an ignorant man's game! Find out why I believe it is and why there is growing racism in Britain.
    Thank you for your support

  18. Dark Rider - They Struck at Dawn

    If All Good Things must Come to an End... Then all Bad Things must be Perished!!

    Part XX of my ongoing Fantasy Adventure Series, Dark Rider


  19. ARGH! Hot flashes AGAIN, stupid cancer!

  20. The Dark Globe - Grimm... In Review

    Dark Globe Review of the New NBC Television Series, Grimm

    by DarkJade

  21. DarkJade - Tis The Season... The Nutcracker

    A Bit of the Christmas/Holiday Spirit... The Nutcracker


  22. my latest post is about my new etsy shop

  23. phoenixtearsheal

    Mine's a night photo I took of the full moon, sky and trees,
    with a poem for the moon :)

  24. Need

    Yearning... Never Ending

    A DarkJade Scribbling

  25. The Dark Globe - Down For The Count

    A Foot Injury slows down my Writing?

    Dark Globe Editorial - Twelfth Edition - by DarkJade


  26. The Mind Chronicles (Volume IX) - Onset

    It's Hunting Season... B.Y.O.H.R (Bring Your Own Hunter Robot)

    Volume IX of my ongoing Post Apocalyptic Series, The Mind Chronicles


  27. Vast

    To Write

    A DarkJade Scribbling

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