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What's Your Latest Blog Post About?

  1. My Eleventh post in my Twelve Days of Christmas series. This one is about the delights of Christmas food, will you accept my challenge?
    Come find out here

  2. Something from my song of the week series that I've had running for a while :]

  3. My final post in my Twelve Days of Christmas series.
    Come and check it out

  4. Reality

  5. thekayumanggitrails

    Our team's latest: an alternative surfing destination in Luzon Island, Philippines, perfect for beginners and average waveriders ;)

    http://theThere's A Place Called Sanchez

  6. My last post was about my past and how it still affects me today. Its about how people judge someone before even knowing there story!

    Please check out my site! hope you enjoy it:) happy holidays everyone

  7. mostlymonochrome

    My last post is a picture of a lake in a wood.

  8. To wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and also to hand out a Christmas present.
    Happy Holidays!

  9. On Canadian look-alike reindeer for real that we've seen in our wilderness national parks: mule deer, elk and caribou (latter we haven't see). Original idea of blog post on eating elk for dinner morphed into something else.

    with personal pics of course. :) Merry Christmas!

  10. I wrote about love, a very very cliche topic i know. but it was a special look at it. im currently working on a 365 day project 1 photo a day, hopefully itll work out for me :) lemme know what you think:

  11. My most recent Kinder Surprise toy:
    Pity these things are illegal in the USA. Recently, a Canadian woman was stopped at the US border services, and had her Kinder Egg confiscated! Craziness!

  12. I take a journey back in time and I write a letter to my past self, giving her advice on what to do and what to expect.

    Returning to the past

  13. My latest post is about the return of a legend, yep Thierry Henry-found out how he got on in his first match for the Gunners.

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