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What's your Technorati Authority number?

  1. Surely some of you also have blogs ranked on Technorati, I'm just curious to know what your blog(s) are ranked in authority.

    I registered for Technorati a while ago and checked back and found my blog was steadly rising in it's "authority", which is now at 128 (53 for sports). It seems, according to technorati, that my blog is ranked #2 in billiards (cool beans.)

    What is your ranking?
    Post back!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I think you're confusing Authority and Ranking. They're very different. A high authority gives a low ranking number. Authority 594 Rank 1237 overall, #1 in Fashion, which goes to show you Technorati isn't perfect Auth. 572, Rank 1690 overall, 52 in Celebrity Auth. 555 Rank 2105, 53 in Celebrity

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