Whatsapp on desktop – WhatsCrome not functioning via the social share button

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    WhatsChrome: WhatsApp on desktop Web Interface (Chrome browser)
    All other socail sharing buttons are working on desktop because they have a web interface.
    Now Whatsapp have the same opportunity via Chrome browser aka WhatsCrome – but it doesn’t function via Whatsapp share button on desktop…
    Any suggestions – why not ?

    The WhatsApp button will only work if you are viewing a site on a device that has WhatsApp installed. In other words, that button is intended to be used on mobile phone browsers, so people can easily share a post via the WhatsApp app on their phones.

    WhatsApp doesn’t have a web interface like Facebook or Twitter, so you can’t share to WhatsApp using the browser on your computer as your computer does not have a WhatsApp app installed.

    The blog I need help with is fashfadj.wordpress.com.


    Howdy –

    Are you trying to add the WhatsApp sharing button to your site?

    Here are the instructions to do that:

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