When adding new category capitalization not saved

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    first of all, I hate writing topic titles…brief AND descriptive? haha…anyhoo…on to my problem…

    When I create a new category often times it gets saved in all lower-case letters although I capitalized the first letter. Since the default category “Uncategorized” is capitalized I prefer to have them all this way.

    When this happens I have to delete and redo the category a few times before it sticks.

    So…since this is the “Questions” forum perhaps I should actually ask a question…or two…am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? And is there anyway I can remedy this?

    Thank you…



    I’ve never heard of that happening, so unfortunately I can’t help you. I can tell you, however, that if you don’t want to use Uncategorized on your blog, you can set the default blog category to something else. You do that on Dashboard –> Options, if memory serves me.



    I have the same problem and it dumbfounds me. Some of my categories save in caps, some don’t, and it’s precisely this reason why I don’t have a category cloud on my blog, because I thought the random capitializaton made it look childish and unprofessional. I’ve even gone back in and capitalized everywhere applicable in the blog but to no avail……I wish there was a way to edit that somehow.

    A lot of times I save horse names as categories (i.e., Curling, Citronnade, etc) – and even now you can see it’s happening to me. Everything in my “topics” section is capitalized with the exception of “colonel john” and I’ve no idea how to fix that.

    I’m sure it’s user error as I’m not exactly the most technologically inclined.



    nevermind – just go to manage – categories – edit and you can save them in caps.

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